Teacher Criticized Over Her ‘Inappropriate’ Work Outfits After Sharing What She Wears To School

Her students love her outfits.

teacher wearing different outfits to school TikTok

A Scottish teacher has divided the internet after showing her work outfits on TikTok.

Victoria is a biology teacher who delights in showing off her creative work wear to her TikTok followers. But, her style has caused a stir.

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TikTok users deemed the teacher's outfits inappropriate for school.

One user wrote, “Didn’t realize teaching had turned into a model shoot! Must be pressure between all the girls to out fashion each other. Guys just turn up in whatever.”


Victoria color-coordinated all her outfits for each week and even matched them to any ongoing holidays such as Halloween.

While some outfits included pants, dresses and long skirts, some outfits had skirts that seemed short for internet users.

“A lovely young woman and superb teacher, I'm sure. But.. Nobody wants to think they went off-key," one person commented.

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teacher receives backlash over work outfitsTikTok


"Don't be upset, it's not necessarily a criticism, but probably fair to query if some choices are actually sober enough and right for the context. Mid-thigh skirts and halter tops?”

One person wrote, “No hate but do they not say some of your dresses are too short??”

Victoria replied, “No! so many teachers in my school wear similar lengths ones! If they did I would obviously wear different outfits,” 

Upon reading the numerous other comments, Renwick responded to them and clarified some people’s doubts about how she’s allowed to wear such outfits at school.

Additionally, she stated that the school doesn't have a definitive dress code so she is allowed to wear what she wants to as long as it's appropriate.


When one person noticed that Victoria had a piercing, they questioned whether that was also appropriate. She explained that her school is quite relaxed with the overall dress code.

She wrote, "At [the] start of our placements they were so specific that you can have things that express personality because pupils appreciate it."

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Some internet users who were teachers also shared their thoughts about how they would be treated if they wore similar outfits to school.

teacher receives backlash over work outfitsTikTok


One user wrote, “I’m so jealous of these school outfits! My school would never!”

“I absolutely love this but in Sydney Australia, if I were to wear this as a teacher I would get sent home,” another user wrote.

“I got told my dresses as short as yours were ‘inappropriate’ I’m so jealous of your teacher's dress code,” one person commented.

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However, many people defended the teacher as well and took inspiration from her outfits.

One person commented, “[Your] style is amazing! What the hell is wrong with people? Judgment of women's bodies and clothing choices is stupid and should be over! STOP.”


“[I don’t know] why people think these [are] inappropriate. They [are] not!” another person commented.

One person commented, "Seriously I need you to dress me as I have lost my style."

There had also been numerous of Victoria’s students who had commented on her videos and complimented her outfits.


One person commented, “Hey miss Victoria, I’ll see you in Biology tomorrow, Love the orange colour scheme this week!”

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