Why It Wasn’t ‘Suspicious’ That Brian Laundrie’s Parents Are The Ones Who Led Police To His Remains

Maybe the theorists got it wrong.

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Despite authorities disclosing that the remains found in the Carlton Reserve are those of Brian Laundrie, many are still skeptical.

The disappearance of Brian Laundrie, who fled his home while a search was underway for his girlfriend Gabby Petito, has baffled many. 

For weeks, police and FBI conducted unsuccessful searches in the place where Laundrie’s family say he was last headed.

Then, after joining in on the search for a matter of hours, Chris and Roberta Laundrie managed to lead law enforcement to the area where several items and human remains belonging to their son were discovered.


The timing certainly seems too suspicious to be a coincidence but, it may actually make perfect sense.

Why Brian Laundrie’s parents were able to find him.

Chris Laundrie had already joined the FBI at the Carlton Reserve earlier in October to aid the search.

According to family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino, Chris was there to "Point out any favorite trails or spots that Brian may have used in the preserve.”

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Given that the location where Brian was eventually found was previously underwater, it’s clear that law enforcement were unable to safely search for Brian until recently. 


It is also likely that the family assumed law enforcement would be conducting a thorough search, hence their minimal involvement.

Law enforcement were previously unable to search the location where Brian Laundrie was found.

The fact that the area was underwater also plays a huge role in why Brian was not found until his parents joined the search.

Depending on how large of an area was underwater, the police may not have been able to get anywhere close to where remains and evidence was eventually discovered. 

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This may explain why cadaver dogs had not detected a scent in the area. 


Given that law enforcement had been searching other areas of the Carlton Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park it is possible that this area, after water dried up, was one of the few remaining areas to look. 

Why did the Laundries decide to look for their son this week?

There is a looming question of “why now?” Many will be wondering why the Laundries didn’t enter the park sooner.

Bertolino made it clear that the family were prompted to do so by the fact that Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park had opened up to the public days before the discovery was made.

This is the location where Brian had parked his car before his disappearance so it makes sense that his remains were found nearby.


Due to the high profile nature of the case, Brian’s belongings and remains may easily have been found by sleuths looking to crack the case or a hiker navigating the trails.

This may have been a concern for Chris and Roberta who entered the park in the hopes of finding their son before someone else did. 

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