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Armie Hammer Accuser Reveals Messages Detailing His Strange ‘Fantasy’ Ahead Of Upcoming Documentary

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Julia Morrison, Armie Hammer

On August 10, the trailer for the upcoming three-part documentary series "House of Hammer" was released, with Armie Hammer's accusers speaking out about their experience with the actor.

In the trailer, viewers were able to glimpse one of Hammer's accusers, Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison, as they candidly speak about their encounters with the "Call Me By Your Name" actor. Morrison reveals that she had been enchanted by him.

However, the enchantment quickly wore off after Hammer began sending Morrison messages about his sexual desires. 

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The "Social Network" star experienced a drastic fall from Hollywood grace after a slew of allegations emerged calling him out for his violent sexual fantasies, which involved rape and cannibalism.

"I haven't really digested this one," Morrison says in the trailer, adding that Hammer's sexual desires were "all he ever wanted to talk about."

Who is Julia Morrison?

Morrison is a Brooklyn-based artist, who is originally from Palo Alto, California, according to IMDb. She attended The College of William & Mary on a full scholarship, where she majored in biology.

After graduating college, Morrison moved to New York to pursue a career in film & acting. 

Morrison first became acquainted with Hammer in 2017, after she was featured on visual artist Sarah Bahbah's Instagram for a series titled "For Arabella."

Her first communication with Hammer began after he allegedly messaged her that year: "Hello, I hope this finds you well. So I’m writing because the images from For Arabella are amazing and I was wondering if there was anywhere to see it in Los Angeles."

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Morrison didn't see the message until 2020 after a friend pointed out he was following her, leading her to message him back.

While Morrison and Hammer never met face-to-face, the two allegedly did engage in candid conversations. Morrison claims things between them eventually fizzled out after Hammer's messages took a dark turn.

Julia Morrison made NFT art out of Armie Hammer's alleged messages.

In April 2021, Morrison announced that she would be selling the text messages the actor sent to her as pieces of NFT art.

The first, titled "Armie DM TMI NFT: Dibs on Ribs,” shows Hammer's reply to Morrison's 2020 Instagram story about how America's top billionaires grew even richer during the pandemic.

Hammer, who is the grandson of billionaire oil tycoon Armand Hammer, allegedly replies to her comment about eating the rich, quipping, “Dibs on the glutes muscles and ribs for smoking.”

In the second piece, titled “Armie DM TMI NFT: Caligula Triptych,” Hammer and Morrison discuss Anne Rice’s novel "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty," which rewrites the classic fairy tale into a story about the prince making Sleeping Beauty his sex slave.

“It’s like it was written for me,” Hammer's account wrote. Hammer later compares himself to the sexually deviant Roman Emperor Caligula.

“I have a fantasy about having someone prove their love and devotion and tying them up in a public space at night and making their body free use and seeing if they will fuck strangers for me,” he added.

“I’m sick of people not believing women,” Morrison told The Daily Beast. “I would read all the comments and it’s so triggering to see people saying stuff on the internet, like, ‘F-k these women, we don’t believe them. They’re making it up.'"

“I started looking into what the hell an NFT was and once I learned that it was a way to authenticate something, I said I want to make artwork out of my text messages with Armie Hammer,” she explained.

Along with Morrison, other women also came forward with allegations against Hammer, including screenshots posted by House of Effie, who accused the actor of violently raping her. 

Hammer's former girlfriends Paige Lorenze and Courtney Vucekovich publicly shared their experiences of trauma as well, with Lorenze revealing that Hammer wanted to turn her into his "perfect little slave."

The "House of Hammer" docuseries, which is set to premiere on September 2, will also feature an inside look into Hammer's family and their own controversial past.

Via his attorney, Andrew Brettler, Hammer has denied all of the allegations against him.

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