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What To Expect From The Rumored Upcoming Armie Hammer Exposé

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Armie Hammer

A much-anticipated Armie Hammer story has social media coming up with wild theories about the actor.

As if Armie Hammer calling himself a “cannibal” in a string of disturbing messages to a woman accusing him of sexual abuse wasn’t horrifying enough, new allegations worse than anything we’ve heard already are rumored to be part of an upcoming expose about the Call Me By Your Name actor. 

Instagram’s infamous celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi shared a string of anonymous tip-offs that a major US news outlet is gearing up to publish a shocking story about Hammer that unveils an even darker side to the actor. 

This comes after a series of ex-partners came forward to accuse Hammer of abuse, manipulation, and breaches of consent. 

Here's what to expect from the Armie Hammer exposé.

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These allegations began when an ex of Hammer’s began sharing screenshots of exchanges with Hammer in which he made references to rape fantasies and cannibalistic urges.

Since then, several upcoming productions have dropped the actor from their cast. 

The much-anticipated Armie Hammer story, which was originally tipped to be released over the weekend of Feb. 6, has still not materialized and is very possibly non-existent since DeuxMoi has no way of verifying their anonymous sources. 

That said, here are some details and theories swirling online about the content of the article. 

HouseOfEffie referred to an upcoming story. 

The Instagram account HouseOfEffie, which is run by the woman who first came forward with allegations against Hammer, posted a now-deleted Instagram story that seemingly suggested details even more horrifying than what she had already alleged are yet to be unveiled. 

“Holy s***. I know what’s going to come out. It’s bad. Really bad.”

All of her allegations against Hammer and evidence of their conversations can now be found in a story highlight on her Instagram. She also said that Hammer and his friends will be exposed for carrying out more disturbing acts. 

Instagram / @houseofeffie

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Hammer has been dropped by his publicist and agent. 

As rumors of an upcoming story began to swirl over the weekend, Hammer was dropped by WME Talent Agency along with his personal publicist. 

Hammer has remained somewhat silent in the midst of these allegations apart from saying, “I’m not responding to these bullshit claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me,” in a statement in January. 

Police are investigating remains found near a residence where Hammer spent quarantine.

Some Twitter users are linking Hammer to a missing persons investigation in Joshua Tree, California.

The severed remains of a body were recently uncovered in the desert near where Hammer had spent some time working with a friend late in 2020. 

In September, police began searching for a mother of two who went missing in the area during a solo road trip.

Erika Lloyd remains missing and police have not made any link between this case and the discovered remains, nor have they launched any kind of formal investigation into Hammer. 

The actor revealed in October that he had been working in construction, updating an abandoned motel with his friend Ashton Ramsey in Joshua Tree for the past number of months. 

However, Hammer was quite public about his time in Joshua Tree, mentioning it on social media and in interviews, which wouldn’t ordinarily be the case if someone was involved in a possible murder.

Also, it is important to note that the claims made by In the Cut are just that — claims.

Many social media users were quick to call out the alleged story, with one Instagram user writing, "I feel like this is a stretch."

Another stated, "After reading the tweets and the article, seems kind of far fetched, no?

Ronan Farrow is tipped to be behind the story.

New Yorker writer Ronan Farrow is rumored to be investigating the story, according to DMs sent to NotSkinnyButNotFat on Instagram. Farrow follows the account of Hammer’s accuser. 

Farrow was previously behind a highly publicized article that unveiled sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein and a book that exposed Matt Lauer’s sexual misconduct.  

Social media is waiting for the damning story to come out.

While many people are anticipating this allegedly horrifying story, social media is divided about what we can expect to uncover. 

Some pointed out that the media can be quick to turn against stars for false accusations, as was the case with Johnny Depp

While others were simply waiting for whatever is coming to shake up 2021 yet again. 

Of course, while no further accusations have been made, we must take these theories with a pinch of salt and focus on listening to the many women who have already come forward with disturbing claims against the actor.

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