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Taylor Swift Fans Might Have Cracked Who ‘Jake Lyon’ Is In Her ‘All Too Well’ Short Film

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Taylor Swift, Jake Lyon

After Taylor Swift released her short film for the song "All Too Well" from her new album "Red (Taylor's Version), fans have been obsessed making different connections to clues and easter eggs.

Not only did the short film make a lot of connections to certain fan theories but it also had the power of being so relatable to many people.

Swift perfectly analyzes what it's like to look back on a relationship from your youth when you're older and wiser. 

Fans have been picking apart the short film but there's one hint at the end of the video that seems to have left many bewildered. 

Who is Jake Lyon in Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well' film?

Jake Lyon is listed in the credit of the video as "Him, later on" — A.K.A the guy whose back of the head we see at the end of the music video. 

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At the end of the short film, the main cast is revealed as "Him," "Her," and "Her, later on," and "Him, later on."

"Her" was, of course, Sadie Sink, "Him" was Dylan O'Brien, "Her, later on" was Taylor Swift, and "Him, later on" was played by Lyon, who was also the gaffer for the short film.

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Fans think Jake Lyon is a nod to Jake Gyllenhaal.

The song and music video for 'All Too Well' are widely assumed to be about Jake Gyllenhaal — who Swift dated for two months at the end of 2009.

Everything from the age gap of the actors in the video to mentions about a missing scarf are hints about Gyllenhaal so why wouldn't 'Jake Lyon' be another clue?

One of the most popular connection fans made about the name Jake Lyon is that it's meant to mean Jake lyin' and gaslighting Taylor.

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Another noted that Jake Lyon could be intended to mean 'Jake Lion' — Jake Gyllenhaal has a Leo rising. Though even those spreading this theory admit that this might be a stretch.

Jake Lyon was the 'gaffer' on the music video set.

Of course, a simple explaination for Jake Lyon's inclusion in the credits is that he was just working on the set and they decided to throw him into a closing scene. 

Lyon is also listed as a gaffer in the credit which is the title of the chief electrician in a motion-picture or television production.

But nothing in Swift's work is ever simple so even this might be a subtle dig at Gyllenhaal.

A gaffer can also be defined as "an old man" — hence Swift could be referring to Jake Gyllenhaal as an old man. 

I mean, the entire music video concept seeems to hint that Swift is still pressed about their age gap so it's not entirely improbable!

No matter who Jake Lyon is or what he's intended to represent one thing is clear — Swifties will make a theory out of literally anything and that's half the fun of Taylor Swift releasing new music!

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