Here's Why Fans Think Taylor Swift Is Releasing A Third Album Called 'Woodvale'

Is another Taylor Swift album on the way?

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Two albums realeased in less than six months, and we still are questioning if there’s another to come!

Much like the release of folklore, her new album evermore was a surprise to fans, as Taylor Swift announced the new album just one day before it dropped on Dec. 11.

After the release of Taylor Swift's second full-length album of 2020, evermore, the "Cardigan" singer may have left fans with more easter eggs to pick up on — including the name of what fans think is her third album in the folklore universe. 


Is Taylor Swift releasing a third album?

Here's why fans think Swift isn't done releasing new music, and why they believe the third album in the folklore universe is called woodvale.

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Eagle-eyed fans noticed something interesting about her folklore album artwork.

If anyone’s good at keeping secrets and being mysterious, it has to be Taylor Swift!

Fans noticed in the accompanying photos for the folklore album, that “evermore” was written in the corner of one of the photos.

As it turns out, Swift's surprise second album of 2020 was in fact, titled evermore.

Fans who bought the physical version of the folklore CD noticed the word “woodvale” (which was hidden in the white ink on the picture with her and the tree), and suspected that there might be a possible third album

Is Taylor Swift pregnant?

Earlier this year, fans had also suspected that Taylor was pregnant and that the first song in evermore, "willow,” is the possible name of her future baby


The symbolism for "willow" also has to do with pregnancy, maternity, and fertility, which is why many Swift fans thought she was going to announce her pregnancy with the release of evermore.

Fans have theories about the possible third album, and it has to do with numbers.

Similar to folklore and evermore, the world "woodvale" also has eight letters, which is why fans are suggesting it’s part of a trilogy, 

Other fans were able to figure out that in U.K's The Lakes district, which Taylor mentions in the Disney Plus documentary, Taylor Swift Folklore The Long Pond Studio Sessions, there’s a house called Woodvale.

Fans have also pointed out that Woodvale is a town in Pennsylvania, which is where Taylor was born.


Others on TikTok noticed that when you order something from Taylor's website like the cardigans, there are three different colors, and apparently, when you receive your order, there are three different colors of confetti in the packaging.

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Is Taylor Swift retiring from music?

Others think that Taylor is releasing a possible third album because she might be retiring, and the reason why she’s releasing so many new albums is to get out of a possible contract with her new record label in order to retire.

One of the bonus tracks on the new evermore album is called “time to go,” which is also a possible suspicion of her retiring. 

In the tweet above, she also mentioned that the digital booklet also comes with some “WOODSY pics!”, which possibly suggests the name of the future album, woodvale

Some fans think Taylor Swift is taking a break from the spotlight.

Taylor has said before she wants to take a break from the industry to raise children, which relates back to the theory of her being pregnant. 


Her song, "the lakes," also has lyrics that fans are thinking about. 

The lyrics read, "A red rose grew up out of ice frozen ground/ With no one around to tweet it,” which could be a reference to her wanting to raise children out of the publicity, much like how her relationship with Joe Alwyn is very much out of the public eye. 

There is also a theory that the possible three sister albums represent a lifetime of love and life, suggesting woodvale is the last album that wraps the trilogy up and brings us back to "the lakes," which Taylor mentioned she really admired in the Disney Plus special. 

The easter eggs seem to be too evident for fans not to believe there is another album coming out, but since we never know what Ms. Swift is going to do next, we'll just have to wait and see. 


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