Video Shows Groom Hit His Bride In Front Of Wedding Guests After Argument During A Toast

Truly appalling.

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A shocking video of the moment a groom strikes his newlywed wife on the stage of their ceremony has gone viral for how horrifying it is, enraging the public on social media as no one did anything to admonish the emotionless man involved.

Public outcry is demanding justice for the woman who was struck, but many reveal that this situation is an unfortunately common occurrence in Uzbekistan, where the footage was recorded.


The video shows the groom hitting his wife because she won a game during a toast at their wedding.

When the toastmaster asked the bride and groom to take the stage in order to play a game, all of the guests took out their phones to record as the couple was joined by the best man and the maid of honor.

Both the bride and groom were given something to unravel or untie, revealing some sort of prize inside that whoever reached it first, would win the game.

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As they both bent over and began tearing away at the parcel in their hands, the music blared away and the toastmaster commentated until the bride emerged victorious, drawing cheers from the crowd.


A defeated young groom looked over at his winning wife and held his hand up moments later to reveal that he had finally reached his prize before letting his anger get the best of him and striking his wife in the back of her head.

Someone in the crowd lets out a small yelp before going silent.

The groom remains standing and staring into the crowd, emotionless after just striking the woman he married in front of all their guests.

The best man grins from ear to ear before pulling out his phone, either because he approved of the groom’s action or because he was put in an uncomfortable position as he was standing right next to him.

The videographer, seen at the beginning of the video on the right, stopped recording the incident and went to the other side of the stage, away from the bride, seemingly putting his equipment away after what just happened.


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The wife reels from the attack, handing her prize over to her maid of honor and clutching her head before being led away from the stage.

The only person who did something was the woman who walked up to the stage. 

She seemed to say something in the direction of the groom, shooting him a look of disgust before comforting the bride and walking her off the stage alongside the maid of honor.

People on social media also expressed their feelings of anger and disgust towards the groom.

“If she is my daughter, he will be my late son-in-law,” tweeted one user. “If it was my sister, one of us is going to jail, and the other is going to the grave. I'm fine with both,” tweeted another.


But many people pointed out that the real problem is that no one did anything to help or call out the groom for his disgusting behavior.

“I can picture relatives from both sides persuading the bride that this happens in any family, he is a man and it’s acceptable,” pointed out one user, “that it will be a shame upon both families if she reacts and get even angry at him, that if she divorces him no one will ever take her… etc.”

Local law enforcement has not commented on the incident, but activists continue to fight for the end of violence against women and girls.

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