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Woman Learns Mother-In-Law Planted Hidden Camera In Her Home After She Used Private Conversation Against Her

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Kaya Ramirez TikTok

Mothers-in-law can be challenging to get along with — some are more demanding than others

One woman found something sinister when she discovered what her mother-in-law had been doing for the past six to eight months. 

The woman told TikTok that she found out her mother-in-law had been spying on her. 

Kiyah, who goes by "kiyahramirez1" on TikTok, decided to tell the story of her mother-in-law in a 4-part video series titled "Monster-In-Law". 



She starts by asking everyone to put a finger down if you're getting engaged to the love of your life, your fiance loves you, your parents love you, and your in-laws love you, and life is just going great.

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Her video is playing off the popular "Put a finger down" challenge on TikTok that is supposed to be about sharing relatable stories. But, in Kiyah's case, her story is not relatable at all.

"Then soon after you have your kid, you get pregnant again. You're super excited to share the news with your parents and in-laws so decide you tell your in-laws first and they're super p*ssed and now they hate you all of a sudden," she says immediately after.

Kiyah decides to let her inlaws calm down, waiting to break the news to them when they all go on a trip together.

After telling Kiyah's parents about the news, they're jubilant about it, but her in-laws remain very angry. 

When she calls her father to tell him what's happening with the in-laws, he tells her to "not take it personally. People can just be sometimes weird about some things and family dynamics are different." 

She feels better, but when her husband arrives home 30 minutes later, he tells her that their in-laws don't want them coming over anymore because she was talking bad about them to her father, which confuses both of them.

They decide to let it go for a bit, but then after her fiance makes a weird face, he asks Kiyah what room she was talking to her father in, and she says the room with the baby cam in it.

They realized the baby cam her in-laws installed had been recording everything they said for the past six to eight months.

She then finds out they were also giving the recordings to other family members and using them to blackmail the couple.

Many were confused as to what was wrong with her in-laws, why were they upset about Kiyah having twins with their son?

She clarifies it in the second video, explaining why her in-laws became voracious. 



"They were upset about this particular pregnancy because the child that I had had before was not their biological grandchild. So the twins that I just had are their biological grandchildren, but my daughter is not their biological grandchild," she explains.

Throughout the video, Kiyah explains more details about her in-laws — talking about how her fiance was never allowed to put anything in his name before his and Kiyah's relationship and how her mother-in-law has "control" issues.

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She gave an example of when they went to purchase a car and put something in his name for the first time. 

"We noticed his credit looked a little weird. Come to find out, a $47,000 loan was taken out in his name in 2015 when he had a scholarship to play basketball," she said. "I don't know who else would have access to that information."

Her mother-in-law also had the police called to the doctor's office.

In part three of Kiyah's TikTok series, she answers a question from a comment and gives a little more insight into who her mother-in-law is.



When she was pregnant with her daughter, she was going to her step-son's doctor appointment with her husband, and the woman whom she calls the "baby momma" — the step-son's biological mother — was running late. 

They asked Kiyah if she wanted to go to the back with her step-son, which she declined, but her mother-in-law insisted she should.

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"You want me to go to the back when you know this child's mom is on her way?" Kiyah said.

"You know she hates me, you know she has a history of violence and being easily provoked. Why the hell would you want to put me in this situation to be in an enclosed area pregnant with that person?"

She declines, but her mother-in-law decides to go; 15 minutes later, the police arrive at the doctor's office.

The baby momma got the short straw after the mother-in-law fabricated something outrageous, so now the baby momma is no longer allowed to attend doctor's appointments with her biological son.

"But what I am saying mother-to-mother, there's a little bit of mutual respect even though baby momma has treated me like complete s--t. It's only because she thinks her enemy is the wrong person. In fact, she's living with her enemy," she states in her video. 

The Monster-In-Law epic comes to a close in the final video where she explains how her husband's family has zero boundaries, telling the story of when her sister-in-law asked her if she's even responsible enough to have three kids, and says she is incredibly selfish for "splitting" all this time between all of the children. 



Once the sister-in-law's brother got involved and started posting about how "God removes people from your life because he heard conversations that you didn't."

"No sis, you heard the conversation because your mom showed you clips of us — me, really — in our apartment talking," she said.

She has yet to explain why her husband's ex is living with the mother-in-law, but I'm sure she will tell some more stories about this as time goes on. 

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