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Mom Shares Video Of Daughter’s Encounters With Ghost Of ‘Angry Man’ Who Appeared In Her Bedroom

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It is quite common for toddlers to sleep with their parents from time to time as they might be scared to sleep alone, but for one woman, her daughter's co-sleeping has caused fear for the whole family.

The woman posted a video on her TikTok account where she explained that her toddler sleeps with her and her husband in their room every night.

In a TikTok video, she explains that her daughter says she sees a ghost in her bedroom at night.

After her daughter woke up screaming one night, the mother decided that she would no longer sleep alone.

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While many parents might enjoy cuddling up with a toddler at night, this mother admits in her TikTok that it's not because she enjoys sleeping next to a toddler who "kicks me in the stomach" and "slaps me in the face for funsies."



“One day, I put her to sleep in her bedroom…and she was screaming bloody murder and would not leave me alone,” she said about an experience she had at night with her toddler. 

After having put her to sleep multiple times in the night, the mother was tired, so she let her toddler sleep in her bedroom.

She also explained that her daughter often gets night terrors where she ends up screaming at night.

The toddler, however, would soon quiet down as her mother slept next to her.

After a couple of days, the mother attempted to get her toddler to sleep back in her own room at night, but she refused to go back.

The mother tried to create a fun atmosphere in her toddler’s bedroom by persuading her to play in there and eventually go back to sleep there, but the daughter held strong in her decision not to go back to sleep in her room.

This time the mother prodded further to know the reason her daughter was afraid to go back to her room.

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The toddler mentioned that she sees a ghost in her bedroom every night.

"Mommy, there’s someone else that comes in here. She looks just like you but I know she’s not you,” her daughter said.

Hearing this, the mother was quite surprised and asked her daughter to elaborate further.

"She looks just like you mommy but she wants me to follow her inside my closet,” her daughter explained.

The mother clarifies that she has never asked her daughter to go inside the closet with her, so that definitely isn’t her.

This isn't the first time the daughter has seen a ghost.

The mother posted another video on her TikTok account where she explains another time when her toddler saw a ghost.



Both of them were sleeping in the bedroom and the mother woke up in the middle of the night when she felt her daughter lean up against her.

The mother then recounts their conversation, "She says, 'Mommy, the man's really angry.'"

The mother asks her who she was talking about, and the toddler then explained that a man was standing by the bed.

At this point, the mother was confused as there was no man in the room, however, her daughter repeated the same thing.

The mother then reacted humorously to the supposed ghost that was standing there.

She said, "I say the only thing I can think of, 'if you're not gonna pay rent, get out.'"

Apparently, this worked, as her daughter never saw the ghost again after they shortly fell back asleep.

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