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Mom Asks If She Was Wrong To Bring Her Baby To Child-Free Wedding & Refusing To Leave Him With A ‘Stranger’

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A mother is at the center of a moral debate following an argument at her cousin’s wedding.

The woman posted her story on the infamous subreddit r/AmItheA–hole (AITA) in search of advice.

AITA is the go-to place for one to share their conflicts with internet strangers and have them decide whether they were in the right or not.

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The two most common ratings are “You’re the A–hole” (YTA) for those in the wrong and “Not the A–hole” (NTA) for those in the right.

The woman brought her baby to a child-free wedding.

Due to limited space at the wedding venue, the bride and groom made their ceremony completely child-free, save for the bride’s nieces and nephews.

The mother felt uncomfortable leaving her 10-month-old son with a sitter, despite her other cousins hiring them to look after their own kids, so she decided to take him to the wedding anyway. However, she didn’t make much of an effort to let her cousin know about her decision.

“I wrote on the RSVP that I was bringing him but he would be sitting on my lap and I would bring my own food for him,” she wrote. “My cousin didn't say anything so I assumed that he was OK with it.”

The baby cried during the ceremony, as babies do, and had to be taken out of the room soon after.

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Her aunt confronted her about the issue after the wedding and called her rude for ignoring the couple’s request.

She tried to explain that she let them know ahead of time through the RSVP, but her aunt claimed that both the bride and groom disagreed with her but didn’t want to start any drama. Her aunt also criticized her reluctance to leave the baby in the care of a sitter.

“My other cousin's baby was 7 months old at the time and my aunt said that he had no problem leaving his baby with the 'certified' babysitter and I should have done the same,” she wrote.

“And some of my cousins were upset because they thought that the groom gave me special treatment by letting me bring my baby and making them leave their kids with a babysitter. I didn't mean to start any drama.”

Readers decided that she was in the wrong.

The overwhelming majority of commenters voted YTA after reading her story. The internet judges determined that she acted selfishly by ignoring the child-free request.

“Your baby literally did the thing that the bride/groom wanted to avoid - disrupt the ceremony,” one YTA voter wrote.

“You had plenty of time to find a babysitter or other family member to watch your kid while you went to the wedding but decided that you were just above the rules.”

“You were incredibly rude,” another YTA voter wrote. “The reason a lot of people want child-free weddings is so they don’t have their vows interrupted or ruined by screaming kids. Yours did exactly that.

“The world doesn’t revolve around you and your choices. You don’t get to write ‘I’m bringing my kid’ on a child-free invite.

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