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Bride Is 'Saddened' When Two Wedding Guests Wear White — One Is Accused Of Wearing An 'Actual Wedding Dress'

Photo: TikTok/@isabellasg3
bride and two guests who wore white

Wedding days are supposed to be a time of romance, bliss, and memories to last a lifetime. But that fantasy rarely happens because there is so much that can go wrong. Deciding how inclusive you want to be at your wedding, a meddling monster-in-law and a potential cheating scandal are small worries considering 20% of all weddings are called off and some women find themselves left at the altar.

One problem that presents itself over and over is wedding attire etiquette. It seems to be a no-brainer that wearing anything close to what the bride has on is a faux pas, but there will always be that one person who shows up like they didn’t know. Some guests show up in attention-grabbing, colorful gowns, while others boldly slip into something white to the dismay of the bride.

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But a beautiful bride was beside herself when not one, but two wedding guests showed up in white.

A TikToker named Isabella Santos Giha shared a video that was apparently taken by her at the wedding of a friend, where it quickly came to everyone’s attention that two guests had dared to show wearing shades of white. One was even suspected of sporting an ‘actual wedding dress’ to the lovely affair.



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In the short video, the first woman is spotted chatting it up with a male guest alongside a man who has his arm around her, holding her arm. She is holding her floor-length off-white lace dress by the hem to make sure it does drag in the grass.

Then at the reception, as everyone sits to eat, there was another woman with her back to the camera, also in a dress made of lace material. Hers was off-the-shoulder and had some sheer areas, so it really gave the feeling of a dress a bride would pick.

Santos Giha then transitioned to the bride who was in a princess-style white dress embroidered with jewels and mesh overlay. She's wearing a tiara to match but looks frustrated. Though the other women’s dresses were somewhat ‘bride-ish’ it’s clear when you see the lady of the hour that it is her special day and hers alone. When she appears, a caption that says, “The bride got sad.” pops up.

Viewers understood where the concern was but overall were stunned by how pretty the bride looked. It was clear that she was in absolutely no danger of being upstaged on her wedding day. Nevertheless, one person joked, “We had that happen at a family wedding. Some paid a waiter to walk with a tray full of glasses of red wine and split on her. She left.”

It’s been said before, but I guess some folks need a reminder. The only time it’s okay to wear white to a wedding is if it is explicitly requested by the bride and groom. Just don’t do it and if they haven’t offered, don’t even ask.

White is reserved for the couple, particularly the bride and friction over what to wear should not cloud the happy event. It’s not really a superficial thing. It’s about respect, consideration, and selflessness.

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