Bride Reacts To Mother-In-Law Giving Wedding Speech She Wrote For Her Son & His Ex Who Were 'Destined' For Each Other

She originally wrote the speech for the other woman.

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In-law relationships can be hard to build and even harder to maintain. When a child’s partner is accepted by their parents and the relationship ends, the ties that bind are hard to break.

A 21-year-old woman is finding out the hard way that filling the shoes of a woman that her mother-in-law adored is no walk in the park.

The Redditor first provides a little bit of backstory. She and her fiancé, Jake, have been together for three years after meeting at a concert.


He proposed just two months into the relationship, despite his parents’ objections.

The woman tells readers, “in-laws and I got along but we weren’t friends nor associate too much besides about my husband.”

In December 2022, the couple found out that they were going to have a baby. Though excited, they decided not to tell anyone other than their parents at the time.

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The wedding day was a disaster.

Fast forward to the wedding day. It seemed that everyone was having a good time and enjoying themselves. Things were going just as planned.


That is, until it was time for everyone to celebrate the new couple at the wedding reception. It started well, with family and friends taking the time to say “beautiful things”.

When it was Jake’s mother stood up to speak, she started with kind words, then segued into talking about his ex-girlfriend, Sally.

She told wedding attendees that she had initially written her speech for Jake and Sally as she believed they were “destined by God” to be together.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the woman’s new mother-in-law went on to announce that the couple was expecting to everyone in attendance.

According to the new bride, her husband’s mom said, “Jake was destined to be with Sally and now Jake has a baby on the way and a wife God did not approve of.”


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The Redditor was understandably upset, and her husband was shocked by his mother’s behavior.

A red-faced Jake, confronted his out-of-line mother and a heated argument ensued, prompting the poster and her older brother to escort her new in-laws out of the event.

Now Jake’s extended family is up in arms about what happened. They have accused him and his new wife of “hiding the pregnancy from everyone”.

They also took issue with the in-laws being booted out of the reception after his mother’s inappropriate speech.

As of now, Jake has cut ties with his family and the Redditors' own relatives are blaming her for the split. They believe they were entitled to know about the upcoming new addition to the family.


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Now she’s blaming herself and wondering if she did the wrong thing.

Now she’s second-guessing herself and wondering if everyone is right and she should have let the cat out of the bag about the baby.

Readers were quick to side with the poster. The first person commented, “NTA (not the a—hole). The choice of who you tell and when should be yours (as a couple) alone, and the comments she made sound malicious purely for the sake of it.”


Others were angered by the mother-in-law’s actions like one person who stated, “I don't even know OP (original poster) and I'm fuming! Let's get a coach together, we'll all go and give MIL (mother-in-law) our 'blessing'.”

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