Groom Leaves Bride At Altar For One Last Skit With His Groomsmen Before Kissing His New Wife

After their wedding video was shared online, viewers did not find the skit one bit funny!

Groom performs skit with groomsmen at the altar TikTok

A TikTok video has sparked controversy after a groom left his bride at the altar to perform a pre-kiss skit with his groomsmen.

While some are deeming it “not the kiss, but THE kiss,” others say they would be a little annoyed if it happened to them.

The video shows Alec, the groom, stepping off stage after the pastor tells him he may kiss the bride.

His bride, Lissy, who posted the moment to TikTok, claims she had a suspicion he would do something with his guys, yet she didn’t know what that may be.


Alec planned a skit where the groomsmen got him ready for the special kiss — each with a designated role. One pretended to shave his face, one gave him a mint, one lint rolled his suit, and another held up a mirror for him to check his appearance.

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All the while, his bride stood on her own waiting for the kiss — which he eventually did time perfectly with the song. 


It seems like she knows her groom pretty well, as she figured he would probably make a silly joke. But did Alec’s joke damper the most romantic moment of their wedding day?

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Lissy says she loved every minute of it, but others who saw the video chimed in with their opinions.

Some say they wouldn’t be too happy if their groom made them wait for the kiss and thought the joke was corny. "Like… Please just kiss me I’ve been waiting my whole life for my fairytale moment lmaooo,” wrote one user.

“Me being mad he made it all about him,” added a second.


Others thought the moment was cute, yet believed the bride should have been involved in the skit too. One person said, “This would be even cuter if the bride had her bridesmaids help her get ‘fixed up’ too."

A few commenters pointed out that they wouldn’t mind having the attention taken away from them.

“If my future husband isn’t this funny, I don’t want him,” wrote someone else. “the little act removes the awkwardness of kissing in front of my parents.”

“As a socially anxious girlie, I would LOVE if my groom did something cute and silly like this. Weddings put way too much attention/pressure on brides,” said another.

The majority of people who saw the video thought it was adorable, and left sweet comments for the newlyweds.


Even if the couple didn’t follow the standard, traditional ceremony “rules,” the crowd seemed to love how the moment showed the couple’s personality and the bride and groom were both happy. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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