Woman Finds 'Peephole' In Ex-Roommate's Bedroom That Looks Into Her Shower

Truly horrifying.

TikToker finds peephole in ex-roommates room TikTok

In a video uploaded to her account, a TikToker, Ry, revealed that she had "found a peephole," shortly after her ex-roommate, Jacob, had moved out.

"I found a peephole into my shower after my ex-boyfriend's friend moved out of our house," the caption of the video reads.

Ry's video immediately went viral, horrifying many people in the comments who called her ex-roommate a pervert, believing that he had drilled a hole into the wall to be able to watch her shower.


The TikTok shows a peephole that looks directly into the bathroom.

"This is Jacob's room. He just moved all of his stuff out. I'm having a panic attack. That is our shower," Ry says, showing a hole bigger than a nail that goes through the wall in the video which is now on private.

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In the video, Ry has only first discovered the peephole, showing that one of the holes in the wall goes clearly through to the other side, which is where her bathroom is. She then moves the camera closer up to the hole, showing a clear view into the shower.


Her current boyfriend, Ryan, then goes into the bathroom, proving that the hole drilled into the wall can be used to watch as someone showers.

However, there were other comments under the video that weren't convinced, claiming that Jacob could've just been trying to hang something on the wall.

Ry addressed some of the questions in the comments of her video, emphasizing that she hadn't noticed the hole before. "1) The singular hole that goes all the way through was perfectly hidden under a corner shelf, no I didn’t see it." Ry added, 

“2) I no longer live in this house because it was an unsafe environment so I can’t promptly show you a video of the other side, I’m not making this up.”


Her boyfriend decided to confront the ex-roommate.

In a follow-up video, Ry further explains that her boyfriend ended up confronting Jacob, but said that her ex-roommate didn't give an explanation to the hole in the wall, only telling her boyfriend that "it was a mistake."

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"I don't understand why he wouldn't cover [the hole] if that was the case," Ry says. 

"I know a lot of people are saying it's impossible to see through the hole, but I was shocked to see a complete view of the shower when I looked through. It's since been filled in, and I am no longer living in that house."


Since posting the video and having it go viral, Ry has been on the receiving end of hate messages from Jacob's gamer friends, causing her to private her TikTok account. She also revealed that she is pregnant with her first child, and worries that all of the stress she's experiencing will negatively affect her baby.

"It's been disheartening and embarrassing. I don't want to assume the worst but after seeing so many people say that it looks like a pinhole camera was placed there, I just can't get that out of my head and it makes my skin crawl," Ry says.

"I think it really exposes a common theme with most men, how they believe women are just objects for viewing pleasure that owe them warmth, sweetness, and, love, and if you treat them neutrally and [if you] have strong boundaries, you're an evil witch."


In a statement to the Daily Dot, Ry shared that she doesn't intend to open a police investigation unless the situation escalates.

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