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Viral Video Uses What You See In Optical Illusions To Reveal Hidden Personality Traits

Photo: TikTok
viral tiktoker itsmefuzz shares optical illusions

A TikToker by the name, ItsMeFuzz went viral after posting videos about optical illusions and what they say about one’s personality. 

He has posted numerous videos about optical illusions, however, his recent video has gained a lot of attention garnering over 7 million views. 

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Optical illusions are where one image contains different pictures in an amibigious way. Each person sees the same image, however, everyone notices something different.

What image a person notices first determines their personality. Everyone enjoys discovering something about themselves and the same happened with this TikTok video.

The first optical illusions reveals which side of your brain is stronger.  



The first image is of what could either be seen as a woman or a man playing the saxophone. The TikToker explained what seeing each image means.

Both the man and the woman represent different sides of one’s brain. The two personality traits include being either artistic or analytical.

"If you ended up seeing the woman first, this means the right side of your brain is more developed than the left, so you’re more creative and artistic," he said.

“But if you saw the man playing the saxophone, you’re more left-brained which means logic is your strong suit and you’re better at analytical thinking.”

The second optical illusion reveals how you interact with others.

The second image he shared included a tree and two faces looking at each other. Once again, the TikToker explained the difference between the two and what each means. 

“If you ended up seeing the tree first, this means you have a very high attention to detail and you’re also really good at reading people’s moods,” he stated.

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“But if you ended up seeing the people’s faces first, you’re much better at staying calm and dealing with people, even if they’re nervous."

Internet users have had mixed results.

Many people were excited to find out which one of the other personality traits they had and were pleased to know that they fit the TikToker's depictions perfectly. 

However, many people claimed that they saw both images at the same time and questioned what that means for them. 

One user commented, “I kind of see them both at the same time... not even a fraction of a second between them.” 

Another user commented, “I saw both at the same time for all of them. what does that mean?”  

Many people replied to those comments stating that seeing both images at the same time could mean that they have traits from both of the personalities.      

There were also many people who commented that they saw images that weren’t even mentioned by the TikToker. 

One person commented, “I saw a duck on the first one.”

Another person commented, “The first one I thought it was a bullet on the right, what does that mean for me then?”

Many other people even questioned the TikToker’s reasoning about personality traits based on the images. Some people stated that the idea of having a left or right-sided brain is wrong.

One user wrote, “This is not an accurate measure of brain side dominance. It’s not that simple!”

Another user wrote, “The left-right brain theory has already been proved wrong.”

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