Man Claims He Found Black Sims Chained Up In Basement While Playing On His Ex's Computer

One of many red flags.

TikTok Blake Babin TikTok

Every budding relationship has its ups and downs — the red flags that you search for before getting more and more serious about your partner.

What’s worth looking past? What can be worked on? Do they take a little too long to respond? Or are they simply a bad texter and suck at holding conversations?

While some of these might be dealbreakers for some, there’s one red flag that should undoubtedly send everyone running to the hills, as told by TikToker Blake Babin.


Blake Babin’s says his ex-boyfriend would put Black Sims in his virtual basement and chain them up.

The caption of Babin’s viral video, which has received nearly 6 million views, confirms that this was a true story about one of his exes from five years ago.

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The subtitle in the video says “When you’re playing The Sims on your bfs computer and he has black sims chained up in the basement,” while the sound that says “that’ll do it, you don’t have to worry about me” plays and Babin puts his coat on and leaves the room.


The video received so much attention that Babin decided to make a follow-up video talking about his ex and the situation that happened where he found the Black Sims chained up in the basement.



“The relationship did end not long after this happened,” said Babin in the video. “He was a racist, he was kind of like, a misogynist, he was a cheater — he always had his phone face down, I’m shocked I was even allowed on the computer.”

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Talk about red flags, this guy hit almost every single one — the bare minimum is to not be a racist or a misogynist, but this guy was a triple threat.

Babin goes in deeper to talk about the confrontation between him and his ex after he found the Sims chained up in the basement, and his ex showed little remorse. 

“‘What is this? What is going on down here?’ And he’s flustered, I guess, and he comes over and he’s like ‘Oh that’s nothing,’” Babin continues. “He could see that I was weirded out by it so he started to get worried.”

It’s worse when the person doesn’t realize that what they’re doing is a problem or only thinks it’s a problem when someone else calls them out on it because Babin goes into how he had shown signs of being racist and weird in this way.


“There were times when he would point out Black individuals on the street, which is obviously weird behavior and makes a lot of sense now, knowing who he is,” Babin explained. “He took the computer from me, he made light of it, he closed it, and just moved on really quickly.”

Thankfully, Babin said that he broke up with the man soon after this situation occurred, and as a message to everyone else, he said that he didn’t tolerate that kind of behavior.

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