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Anti-Feminist TikToker Criticizes Ukrainian Women Who Didn't ‘Stay And Fight’ Alongside Men

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TikTok anti-feminist rant against ukrainian women

A TikTok user is facing major backlash for making an misogynistic remark in a video about the crisis in Ukraine, and the fact that, according to him, many Ukrainian women are leaving their country while the men stay to fight.

The user, who goes by NotPoliticalSpeaking, wrote in his video, "Facts #63, Once again all the men have to stay and fight. To protect children, elderly and women leaving the country."

The TikToker criticized women for not staying in Ukraine during the Russian invasion.

He added, "Where are all the feminist(s) at to say this is unfair? It's been really quiet lately."

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People under the video immediately began criticizing the TikToker, calling him out for his sexist remarks, especially during the tumultuous times that are happening in Ukraine, berating him for trying to turn the crisis into a talking point against feminism.

According to the Daily Dot, the TikToker told them that he had made the video to point out, in his own opinion, that men "are called upon when hard times come up in life."

He also added how the comments criticizing him do not bother him, and claims that "what matter is the truth."

The video misrepresents the reality of women's efforts in Ukraine.

His video is far from the truth, especially because it's not just Ukrainian men that are fighting against Russian forces, but also Ukrainian women as well.

In the fight to defend their nation, women are also taking the front line and vary from politicians to beauty queens, taking up the brave decision to defend their country. According to India Today, Ukrainian MP, Kira Rudik, spoke about organizing resistance groups to push back against Putin and Russian military.

In his TikTok video, the user pointed out an article written for the Wall Street Journal that said 32,000 women are enrolled in the Ukrainian military, calling it a “small percentage” of fighting age women in Ukraine. 

However, he didn't seem to quote the rest of the article, which stated that Ukrainian women will play "a key role in the nation’s defense," while fighting Russian oppressive forces.

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In the article, Iryna Rybakova, a former public-relations manager at Transparency International, now serves as a junior sergeant in the Ukrainian armed forces, and is among the 32,000 women serving in the Ukraine military. 

"While previously there had been formal limits on what they could do, women now serve in a variety of combat roles, accounting for some 15% of total military personnel," the article reads. "Their number could grow soon."

Ukrainian women who fleeing with their children are also providing a service to their country.

Despite what the influencer is trying to convey, Ukrainian women fleeing a violent situation in their country, leaving behind their fathers, brothers, and partners, and taking their children to safety, is far from weak.

It takes strength for these Ukrainian women to not only fight, but to also risk their lives as they escape to the border with their children. That, in itself, should be praised as well.

During the dangerous, and downright terrifying, times that people in Ukraine are facing, no one should be trying to put down their efforts to stay alive and keep their families alive. 

Ukrainian women are in need of vital supports at this time and, to provide aid, Care.org has launched a Ukraine Crisis Fund.

The fund will provide recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance — prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly. 

Donate what you can here to help out.

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