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Taco Bell Worker Fired After Filming Video Of Manager Saying He Had To Mop Floor ‘Because He Is Black’

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A Taco Bell employee revealed that he was fired after filming a video of his manager racist remarks about workers needing to "mop the floors because [they are] Black."

The TikTok user who shared the video said that it had been sent to her by the sister of the employee who had originally filmed the clip.

In the video, the worker can be seen confronting the manager but his bravery has backfired after he allegedly lost his job over the video.

The viral video shows the Taco Bell manager's racist remarks about workers.

The manager at a Taco Bell in Lexington, Virginia was seen in the viral video saying, "[The employee's name] is sweeping the floor because he is Black. [Another employee's name] is mopping the floor because he is Black."

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The employee, who prefers to remain anonymous, had asked his manager, "Why do you always have me sweeping and mopping?" before she launched into her racist tirade.

The Taco Bell employee revealed he was fired for filming the video of his white manager.

“If my video wasn’t out there, if I didn’t have a video and it was just hearsay stuff, I don’t think nothing would have happened,” the worker told NBC 10. “I think I still would have been out of a job, and they would still be working there, happily ever after.”

The employee said that after the video had been taken, his manager had sent him home, telling him not to come back to next day, despite being on the schedule.

“She told me I could leave," the employee said of his manager. "I said ‘I’m not leaving until 11.’ That’s my usual time that my general manager put on there. She said, ‘Well I don’t need you.’ So we had words back and forth about me leaving, about me not coming in tomorrow, about how she didn’t need me.”

He also shared that since the TikTok went viral, him and his family have been receiving death threats. 

“I also had a threatening message from a number saying they were going to kill me and my kids. And they hoped I kept the ‘same energy’ when I was ‘holding my kids’ lifeless bodies,’” he explained.

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The TikTok user who shared the video said that the Taco Bell employee has been trying to get a lawyer, but that no one wants to take his case, sharing that all of the information she's been receiving has been from the employee's sister.

"I don't know if she wants to remain private, so I won't include her Instagram handle, but I will send this to her so she can look at the comments," the TikTok user said in the video. "If there are any lawyers or anybody wanting to help, she'll be able to see that in the comments."

Taco Bell has responded to the viral video.

The TikTok account for Taco Bell commented under the video, writing, "We do not stand for this behavior and are looking into the situation with the information you provided."

The Taco Bell Corporate also released a statement to NBC 10, affirming that they have since fired the manager of that Taco Bell location.

"We take this seriously. Our franchisee who owns and operates this location immediately addressed the incident in line with their policies and has informed us that the person seen in the video is no longer working for them.”

The employee also confirmed that he was also offered his job back, and alerted authorities to the concerning death threats, prompting them to open an investigation.

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