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Dad Who Killed TikTok Daughter’s Stalker Blamed For Selling His Daughter's Selfies To The Teen Prior To The Incident

Photo: Instagram / TikTok
Ava Majury, Rob Majury

A 15-year-old TikTok star, whose father fatally shot an armed stalker who had broken into their Florida home, has been facing, along with her family, an influx of trolls who blame them for the stalkers actions.

The shooting occurred in July 2021, when Majury's alleged stalker, Eric Rohan Justin, showed up at her house and blasted the front door with a shotgun. After his weapon jammed, Justin fled the scene but soon returned, which was when Ava's father, Rob Majury, shot and killed him.

Justin, 18, had been following Ava online for over a year, and had bought selfies from Ava, finding photos of and information of several of her friends.

He had also sent a texts to a classmate of Ava's, asking if he had a gun, telling the classmate about his plans to assault the 15-year-old, saying, "i could just breach the front door with a shotgun i think."

Following the shooting, Ava and her famiy had temporarily left their home to stay with a friend, but almost a year after the incident Ava was recently pulled from school over reports of a second stalker.

Ava Majury's parents have spoken out after a second stalking incident.

One of her classmates, who had sold Justin her private information has started allegedly following and stalking the young teenager, prompting her to seek an injuction against the unnamed classmate, citing months of disturbing behavior.

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Since going public with their story, the Majury family have started receiving an influx of hate and backlash, and have been extremely "disappointed by the negativity and victim blaming."

A spokesperson for Ava, Taylor Pearson told The Sun that the teenager is "definitely very fearful for her safety" after being a victim to two dangerous stalking situations.

"They're having a very difficult time," Pearson said. "But we really want to focus on the positives and use this incident as a lesson for others, a cautionary tale."

Ava Majury reportedly sold her stalker selfies before he came to her home.

Much of the backlash against Ava's parents stem from the rumor that they allowed their daughter to sell two selfie’s to Justin for $300 after he asked for them, which happened weeks before he ended up at their front door with a firearm.

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However, Ava blocked Justin after he began asking for explicit photos of her, although he was still able to contact her through other sources, such as Venmo.

Many people also criticized Ava for continuing to post on TikTok and other social media platforms after the incident.

On the day of the shooting, Ava had posted a video of her mouthing the words to a slow-motion version of French Montana's "Unforgettable," on her TikTok account. She then shared another lip sync video the very next day, before taking a five-day break from the app, resuming her frequent posting after.

Ava recently posted a statement clarifying these details saying the selfies were sold for $5 and her parents tried to get her to delete her accounts but she convinced them not to do so.

Ava's parents defended their stance on letting their daughter continue to post on social media, telling The New York Times, "Why should we allow them to stop her? Maybe she's meant to bring awareness to all this."

Ava is set to appear at the Collier County Circut Court on Februray 28 to have their injuction heard and approved by a judge, which will then restrict her second stalker from being able to have any contact with her.

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