Overprotective Cop Arrests His Daughter & Her Boyfriend Then Threatens To 'Make Up' Charges After Tracking Her

He claimed his daughter was going to harm herself.

Man arrests daughter and her boyfriend YouTube

Being an overprotective parent isn’t abnormal. It’s perfectly okay to stay close with your children and protect them from the evils of this world.

But there are some parents that use their position of power to get their children to bend to their will.

One such man is an Ohio Police Officer, John Kovach Jr., who used his badge as an intimidation tool when attempting to make his daughter stop dating a young man he did not approve of.


Police dash cam footage caught the cop arresting his daughter's boyfriend for no reason,

The video starts with Kovach Jr. pulling over a silver car and approaching the passenger side. A voiceover reads the caption that says, “This is what can happen when an overprotective dad is a police officer.”

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Next, the officer circles the vehicle before coming to a stop at the driver’s side door and yelling, “You can get out!” At that point, he snatches open the door, says “You’re going to jail”, and tells a young Black man to have a seat in his car.


The young man can be heard asking what he is being arrested for repeatedly but receives no response from the officer. But as he is complying the officer blurts out, “We’ll make sh-t up as we go.”

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After securing the man, identified as Makai Coleman, Kovach Jr. is surprised to find his daughter in the back seat of the vehicle he just pulled over and directs her to sit in the back of his cruiser as well.

His daughter, Caitlyn Kovach is caught on the internal camera in his vehicle demanding that he let her out of the car. Instead, he tells Coleman that he is free to go saying, “Goodbye” over and over again.


Caitlin continues to cry and flail in the backseat, telling her dad, “You can’t!” He angrily yells her name in response.

Kovach Jr. defended his actions by asserting that he thought his daughter was suicidal based on her saying, “If I can’t be with him (Makai), I don’t want to be here anymore.”

In the video, you can hear the officer telling someone, “She said she was gonna kill herself.”


Caitlyn protested in the background, disputing that she ever said that to her father.

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The father allegedly disapproved of his daughter's boyfriend.

Caitlyn was eighteen years old when she started dating Makai Coleman in high school. Her father, a 26-year veteran of the police force did not approve of the relationship and wanted her to stop seeing Coleman.

There were three passengers inside the car in addition to the driver and that Kovach Jr. had accosted them in front of the home of one of the passengers.

Kovach had stationed himself in front of the home because he had tracked his daughter’s computer there.


The mother of the teens whose home the vehicle would eventually park in front of, Ms. Morales, came outside to see what was going on.

The officer grilled her about whether his daughter was, and she did not know. e then asked why his daughter’s computer was there and told the woman, “If I check and you're lying to me, you're going to jail.”

The mother told Kovach Jr. that he needs to have a search warrant if he wants to go through her home.

In retaliation, he threatened to give her daughter a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt when the teens pull up to the home and accuses the woman of being disorderly.

Morales told Kovach Jr. that she was going to call 9-1-1 and he threatened to arrest her but stopped short when he realized his daughter was inside the car.


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The police officer was removed from the force.

A departmental investigation found that Kovach Jr. conducted an unwarranted traffic stop on Coleman and in 2018, he was fired from the police force. He subsequently appealed and lost.

That investigation also revealed that the officer had violated several departmental policies, including failing to inform dispatch, threatening to arrest Morales, detaining Coleman, saying he would create false charges, and using his authority to find his daughter.

TikTokers were disgusted by Kovach’s actions. One person responded, “For no good reason... immediately sees the reason when guy gets out,” eluding to the officer disapproving of his daughter being with a Black man.


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