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Mom Rants About 'Dramatic' Nanny On Facebook After A Car Accident Stops Her From Coming To Work

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Nannies are constantly exposing the horrors they have to deal with from their clients online, but you don’t normally see the clients exposing themselves.

One woman decided that she would post online to a Facebook group for advice about her nanny — not realizing that by doing so, she was exposing her own awful behavior and treatment of the woman who cared for her home.

After the nanny got into a car crash, the parents didn’t think to ask if she was okay.

“Hi, our nanny left us on Friday. She was involved in a car accident on Thursday morning and let us know right away that she can’t make the day,” the woman posted to a private Facebook group.

“I reminded her of her sick days, which she found to be a very bad approach.”

Naturally, when your nanny gets into a car accident — or anyone close to you for that matter — the immediate response should be to ask if they’re okay or if they need any help.

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Reminding your employee of her sick days after a potentially life-altering incident like a car accident isn’t particularly ethical, but she continued the post.

“According to her, we should have asked if she needed something or if she was okay instead of reminding her of her sick days,” she explained. “My husband and I found her very dramatic. What are your thoughts?”

The post received a number of “sad” and “angry” reactions, but the comments from the post weren’t visible.

However, a photo of the post was reposted to the subreddit “r/antiwork,” where many others were able to offer up their commentary.

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Most Reddit users criticized the woman and her husband as employers.

“People treat their childcare workers as if they will have trouble finding another job,” the top comment read. “Do they realize how many people will pay good money for a qualified nanny? My thoughts are you should look for replacement childcare.”

“My thoughts are some compassion and empathy are a minimum when you're dealing with a human being, especially if they take care of your kids,” another person wrote.

“Same goes with people preparing your food, you just don't piss them off!”

The concept of respecting those who provide a service to others seems to be foreign to some people who will never get it right.

“Some people should never be in charge of other humans,” wrote a third.

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However, not only did people comment on the woman’s abilities as an employer but also her potential as a parent.

“The fact that she said the nanny was being ‘dramatic’ about being hit by a car tells me everything I need to know about her as a mother,” someone offered. “No one's emotions matter except hers.”

One person wrote about how well they treated their babysitter, showing the stark contrast in workplace environments.

“I treat our babysitter like royalty,” they wrote. “I buy all her meals while she’s taking care of our son, on top of paying her.” 

“If we figure she was going to be at our house until a certain time and we get home early, we pay her for the entire time we thought we’d be gone because she was expecting that money. It’s not her fault we came home early.”

In addition, they wrote about how lucky they were to have found the woman and how devastated they would be if they lost her.

In reference to the post, they said they would immediately ask if they were ok and if they needed help, “And I’d drop everything I was doing to go help her.”

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