Gender Reveal Party Turns Violent After Woman Punches Guest Who Spilled Wine On Her Dress

It was a full-on brawl.

Megan Ware Cavendish

While gender reveal parties can be pretty extravagant, rarely do they ever end in violence.

However, a gender reveal party in the UK ended has dissolved into a bitter court battle.

At the gender reveal, one woman punched another guest after believing she'd spilled wine on her dress.

According to Cavendish Press, via Daily Mail, Megan Ware, 22, caused quite the commotion after grabbing another guest and hitting her in the face.


The incident happened on October 7, after Ware, a mom of two, followed Emma Mitchell out of the pub where the gender reveal party had been.

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Ware believed that Mitchell had spilled some wine on her dress, and in retaliation hit the woman in the face, knocking out two of her teeth, and pulled the hair of another woman, Emma Pinnington.

When police arrived at the scene, they detained and interviewed Ware, who admitted that she had been extremely drunk and couldn't remember who had initially spilled the drink on her.


She reportedly described herself as being "10 out of 10 drunk."

The prosecutor, Laura Simpson, said Mitchell and Pinnington had been out with friends in Chester, England on the night the assault happened.

"They went to the Victoria Pub and left at 2 a.m. but as they were heading towards a taxi rank Miss Mitchell stated that she felt somebody, the defendant, behind her pulling her hair,” Simpson said.

Simpson continued, saying that Ware hit Mitchell with enough "substantial force" that it knocked two of the woman's teeth out.

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"A police officer saw the assault on Miss Mitchell and he pulled the defendant away from her,” she continued, adding that it “appeared” Pinnington had also been assaulted.


“Officers arrested the defendant, but she continued to be abusive and was shouting and swearing,” Simpson remarked.

“The defendant was later interviewed and recalled being very drunk. She recalled being in a fight following someone pouring a drink over her.”

Ware managed to avoid jail time and expressed her remorse over the assault.

During the mitigation, according to The Sun, Ware's attorney, Chris Hunt, argued that the 22-year-old had no prior convictions or history of assaulting others.

"She is not someone who goes out regularly and she does not drink regularly," Hunt pointed out.

“She punched Miss Mitchell while she was on the floor and caused her teeth to be knocked out. It was a persistent assault against two unknown females," Hunt continued, adding that Ware has taken full responsibility for drinking too much.


Ware pleaded guilty at the Chester Magistrates’ Court to two charges of assault and being drunk and disorderly, and was ordered to pay Mitchell $480 in compensation and Pinnington $120.

The young woman was also given an eight-week curfew from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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