Tattooed Barber Ends All Of His Haircuts By Giving Men Gentle Kisses On Their Foreheads

Non-toxic masculinity always wins.

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Traversing through the far reaches of the internet and social media, you’re bound to have experienced a toxically masculine man, or even multiple men — whether it was directly through discourse about women’s rights and TikTok “#tradwife” trends, or from a distance.

Thanks to a certain pizza box, hopefully, the number of toxically masculine men will dissipate and we’ll see more men getting in touch with their feelings.


In order to push for more emotionally intelligent men, they need to be exposed to certain things that they aren’t frequently in contact with like affection, attention, care, or even something as small as a compliment.

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This tattooed barber aims to show men affection by kissing their foreheads after their haircut.

32-year-old Bryan Senatore posted a video compilation of what would appear to be a sweet tradition he partakes in when he’s finished giving men their haircuts.

The north New Jersey barber finishes men’s cuts by telling them to tilt their heads in his direction as they look at the final product, and plants a kiss directly on their foreheads.




Although the video is only 46 seconds long, Senatore can be seen kissing the foreheads of many different men who all seemed to have very positive reactions to the show of affection.

When he calls for them to look his way, some of them look confused, looking at him or in the mirror to see what’s going on.

Except, the only thing he’s looking for is a kiss on the forehead, causing many of them to go through a couple of seconds of realization before immediately bursting into laughter and smiles.


All of the men seemed genuinely happy to have received this kind of platonic affection as the barber and the clients laughed about it together — and the haircuts look great too!

These displays of affection and care don’t only need to come from the opposite sex or genders not unlike their own, men should be able to comfort each other and show each other love without fears of being emasculated by another person’s perception.

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The comments under his video proved that men deserve affection from each other as well.

“This melted my heart! This type of masculine comfort is lovely,” the top comment read, as someone else replied “When I see masculine outward love it makes me so happy. Y’all need so much of it!!”


“The way not one of them reacted with disgust. No toxic masculinity here,” someone else wrote.

“Am I super deprived of human contact, cause this looks wonderful. Do you have any appointments open for tomorrow??” a third joked.

Some people shared how it made them feel, and how the energy and comfort in this video brought a smile to their faces or even brought some of them to tears.



In an interview with in December 2021, Senatore revealed that “I just thought it would be a funny thing to do, so I edited it together and threw it up for fun ... to make people laugh.”


Since then, he’s continued to do it from time to time, posting more reactions from others who received the forehead kisses.

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