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Man Records Himself Getting Fired After Beginning Call By Asking 'Is This About My Promotion?'

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When most employees are getting fired, they usually don’t record their experiences — or worse, ask if they’re getting promoted. 

However, this is exactly what one man on TikTok did, and the interaction is painful to witness. 

The man recorded himself getting fired — but managed to find the humor in it 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 10 million times, user Ev (@elazie1) records the unfortunate Zoom meeting where he discovered that he had been let go. 

Before the meeting officially starts, a woman on the call asks Ev how he is. He asks her a question that causes her to purse her lips and grow silent. 



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“What’s this meeting about, my promotion?” Ev asks. The two are joined by another man from Ev’s former company, who asks the woman if she had gotten to the point yet. 

“Evan was actually asking what the meeting was about, so I’ll let you take it away,” she tells the man. 

The man then delivers the disappointing news to Ev.

“So, basically in an effort to reduce costs, we are restructuring our business, and that had resulted in the elimination of a number of positions in the marketing team, and unfortunately your position has been impacted,” he says. 

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The man adds that Ev will be paid for his time through December 23 and would not be asked to work the day beyond after the meeting. 

He informs him that the woman on the call, who is from the HR team, will walk Ev through the details of the severance package. 

Ev can be heard saying, “Okay, awesome,” before the video ends. 

Other TikTok users attempted to console Ev and slammed the company he worked for. 

“God will provide you with a job. Don’t worry,” one user commented. 

“Any company that lays individuals off this close to the holidays deserves the worst fate,” another user shared. 

“The audacity of firing you but still want you to work one more day!?” another user added. 

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Others shared similar experiences with their jobs and offered suggestions on how to move forward. 

“This is exactly how my job laid me off and used the EXACT same speech,” another user wrote. 

“Make a sob story post on LinkedIn. I did and had interviews lined up three days later,” another user recommended. 

In a follow-up video, Ev revealed that he suspected that he would be getting fired during the meeting and asked if he was getting promoted as a joke. 

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He also explains why he cut the video before the meeting ended. 

“I actually had to stop filming because I was on the verge of having a mental breakdown,” Ev says. 

His boss informed him that he would be getting four weeks' severance. Ev added that he told his boss that he felt bad for them since he knew it must have been difficult for them to let employees go, calling them “troopers.” 

“I guess being an empath does have its faults,” Ev says.

Thankfully, Ev shared with the Daily Dot that he has already found a new job. 

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