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Adopted Girl Tells Mom What 'Happened To Her Heart' The First Time She Saw Her New Family

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Blood doesn’t create a family, as many adopted children and adoptive parents are aware.

One adopted little girl is melting hearts after recalling the moment she met her adoptive mother for the first time and knew they would be a forever family.

The adopted little girl says that her 'heart fell in love' with her family the moment she met them.

In a heartwarming YouTube video posted by Newsflare that has generated over 9 million views, four-year-old Gabby recounts memories as her mother videotapes her.

She decided to reflect on when she and her younger sister, Lily, were adopted by their parents.

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“When we were born, we became two little babies and then Lily was still a baby and I was four years old!” she exclaims. “I got so big and Lily was still a baby!” 

“And by the time you saw me, I was four years old,” Gabby says to her mother. “And we were very excited to see you and our daddy, and we love you guys and we want to be here for you and daddy.” 

Gabby’s mother is touched by her daughter’s adorable proclamations.

“I was very excited to meet you, too!” she tells her, adding that she was also excited to meet her other daughter, Lily.

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Gabby emphasizes to her mother just how happy she was to meet her and be adopted, and tells her what exactly happened to her heart at that moment. 

“Do you know what happened to my heart?” she says.

“What happened to your heart?" Gabby’s mother asks her. 

Gabby leans in closer and says “Well, when I saw you, my heart fell in love with you!” she excitedly informs her mother.

Gabby’s mother is completely overwhelmed with emotion upon hearing her daughter’s heartwarming confession.

“Your heart fell in love with me? Aw, well my heart fell in love with you too,” she says as she gently brushes a strand of hair from her daughter’s eyes.

The video was quickly shared on different social media platforms and gained the attention of millions.

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When the video made its way to TikTok, users' hearts fell in love with Gabby too. 

“Just did a full face of makeup and now it’s ruined by my tears,” one user commented. 

“That’s pure love only a child knows,” another user shared. 

“I can’t stop watching this, she is just the cutest!” another user wrote of little Gabby. 

“I love this. I hope they have a beautiful, happy life,” another user expressed. 

We hope that Gabby’s heart only continues to fall in love with her mother with each passing day! 

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