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Sleeping Bag Found Near Where Brian Laundrie’s Remains Were Discovered By Sleuths Still Looking For Clues

Photo: TikTok / YouTube
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While new information in the homicide of Gabby Petito and the death of her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, is minimal these days, sleuths have been taking matters into their own hands.

Some who closely followed the case have been scouring the Carlton Reserve, where Laundrie’s remains were found, for clues.

A sleeping bag was found where Brian Laundrie’s remains were discovered.

Footage of the discovery was shared on a TikTok account, chroniclesofolivia, dedicated to searching for evidence related to Laundrie or Petito.

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The user linked up with a woman who they say spends 5 hours a day looking in the Reserve.

"Local woman finds old sleeping bag near where Brian Laundre was found. We checked it out," the caption reads.

"Right over there is the field where partial remains of Brian Laundrie was found. It was where law enforcement had the tent and the perimeter set up," the video continues.

The bag was found hidden among leaves and dirt on a trail of the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park.

This area is where Laundrie’s parents led law enforcement in the final search for their son.

Laundrie’s remains were found along with several personal belongings including a notebook.

In the video, the sleeping bag appears to be old and extremely decayed making it appear unlikely that it is something Laundrie would have used when he entered the Reserve in mid-September. 

Sleuths are still looking for clues about Brian Laundrie.

Some commenters on the account have been critical of the user for continuing to search for evidence in Petito’s case, believing the whole thing should be put to rest.

However, if there’s one thing the account proves it’s that interest and questions still remain.

The account has shared several videos of the unnamed woman who scours the Reserve for 5 hours everyday searching for clues. 

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She is reportedly looking for the rest of Laundrie’s remains. Police initially said that partial human remains were found but have never confirmed if more remains were discovered.

Some supporters of the TikTok account believe the woman could be instrumental in advancing the case.

“All it takes is for her to find the other part of his skull,” one person wrote on one of chroniclesofolivia’s clips. “It could be a big break in the case since the cause of death is inconclusive.”

Police have still not been able to identify a cause of death nor have they disclosed an exact timeline of Laundrie’s passing. 

Authorities have kept quiet about the status of their investigation into Laundrie and Petito’s deaths and each day seems to bring us further from getting any answers. 

But, Petito’s family, instead of pressuring law enforcement, have repeatedly emphasized their desire to use their daughter’s tragic death as a pathway to ensure that domestic violence victims do not meet the same fate. 

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