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Bartender & Mom-Of-One Posts Photo Of $9 Paycheck For 70 Hours Of Work To Explain The Importance Of Tipping

Photo: f.aa.ded/ TikTok

The tipping discussion within our culture has become under scrutiny in recent years. 

Many argue that tipping shouldn’t even be a thing in this country, which would force big corporations to actually pay their workers above minimum wage. 

However, others argue that it’s unrealistic to think so and not tipping somebody isn’t going to change things. 

One mother, a bartender, decided to weigh in on the conversation by showing the harsh reality of her paycheck to plead with people to tip their servers. 

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After putting in 70 hours a week, the mother is only left with a $9 paycheck. 

The video was posted by a mother, Bronte, whose job is to bartend. Her video was posted to Bronte’s TikTok under the username @f.aa.ded.



“This is why you should always tip your bartenders, servers [and] anyone who waits on you or provides a service for you,” she explains, showing her check up close and personal. 

Bronte shows her hours over the course of two weeks, totaling around 70.80 hours put into work. 

But she then shows us the alarming rate she’s paid, a mere $2.13 an hour. 

“I should’ve made $150.81,” she says. “But because I have to have social security, medicare, and the income tax taken out, I was paid $9.28.”

Bronte reiterates that “of course” she got tips but explains that this was how much she was paid by her job, hoping to highlight the importance of tipping servers. 

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The video received mixed reviews. 

While some people agreed with Bronte in the comments—mainly other servers—unfortunately, many fought hard against this. 

“Tips are optional, always. Have been and always will be. The whole ‘if you can’t tip, don’t eat out’ thing is pointless; we pay our bill, that’s it,” one user wrote. 

Others argued that it’s not the customer’s job to “pay” their servers in tips. 

“No, we tip when we’re given good service,” another user wrote. “We don’t tip because you’re getting paid two dollars an hour. That's your problem.”

However, the conversation began to shift to point out the minimum wage. 

“This is why the US should be like EVERY other developed nation and not have a tip culture,” one user said. “Businesses should pay your wages. Tips shouldn't be a thing.”

Many encouraged Bronte to find a different job but in response, Bronte said no. 

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“I like my job,” she explained. “Bartending, serving is fun. However, I don’t agree with the state laws that allow restaurants to pay under minimum wage and expect the customer to pay our wages.”

Unfortunately, tipping in the US won’t be going away anytime soon and not tipping your server can cause more harm than good. 

Blame the big corporations who don’t pay their employees fairly, not the server asking for a $1 tip. 

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