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Crying Server Says She Has 'Zero Respect' For Customers Who Don't Tip & People Are Bashing Her For It

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Tipping at restaurants is an American custom where customers can throw a little extra money to their servers if they enjoyed their service. 

While many people choose to tip out of generosity, it is not a requirement. 

One waitress believes otherwise, as she expressed in a TikTok video that has many people criticizing her for. 

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The waitress tells people that if they can't afford to tip servers, they shouldn't go out to eat 

In a video that received over 800,000 views, Daylie Waters vents her frustrations as tears stream down her face. 

“If you don’t have money to tip your server and you go out and don’t tip your server, then I have zero respect for you,” she says. 



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Waters claims that as a waitress making only five dollars an hour, she lives off of customers’ tip money. 

“Nine out of ten times I’m not making the money that you think that I’m making,” she tells viewers. 

“The server industry does not get enough credit for how hard this s–t is.” 

Although Waters claims to love her job at a bar and grill, she shares that she sometimes feels “degraded” by customers who do not tip. 

“To work so hard, to smile at a table despite how stressed I am, and give you good service and then get no tip like I didn’t just work my a– off for you,” she says. 

“I think that the service industry needs better pay.” 

However, Waters did not receive the sympathetic reactions from viewers that she anticipated. 

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Many people responded to Waters’ video and disagreed with her views about tipping. 

“I want to make this very clear, tipping is a generosity!” TikTok user @millybling04 fired back. “It is not a requirement.” 



Instead, she blames Waters for not choosing to work elsewhere. “How dare you complain to us and act like it’s our fault for not tipping you when it’s your job not paying you the right amount of money?”

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Others criticized the restaurant industry for not adequately paying their employees so they had to rely on tip money. 

“Tipping culture is getting out of hand and it needs to be canceled,” TikTok user @gab.geeee argued. 

She blames restaurant employers for not paying their servers minimum wage and instead putting the responsibility on customers’ tip money. 



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“A lot of these companies skimp their way out of paying their employees fair and liveable wages by putting this responsibility on their consumers through tipping,” she says. 

“These multi-billionaire companies with inflation, with gas prices going up, with food companies, you would think that they would say, ‘let’s pay our employees a fair wage. But no, they rely on their consumers for that.” 

The minimum wage varies for servers working in the United States, with California having the highest of $15.00 per hour, and Georgia and Wyoming having the lowest of $5.15 per hour. 

Typically, when customers are pleased with their service, they tip wait staff 20-25% of the bill. 

However, the tip money should not be servers' only source of income, and those like Daylie Waters should receive better treatment and payment from their employers. 

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