Mom Accuses Ex's New Girlfriend Of Being 'Obsessed' With Her Daughter After Seeing Her Social Media

She posted about the girl's disability.

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A user by the name “Machinimiacrinj” took to Mumsnet to discuss her concerns over her ex-boyfriend’s new lady’s obsession with her daughter.

In August, the mother posted to the AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable) section of Mumsnet to ask if she is right in keeping her ex’s new girlfriend away from her child.

Her ex-boyfriend is the reason for his girlfriend's obsession.

The poster explained that her daughter’s father is a “c--klodger," meaning he lives with women without paying rent and accuses him of using sexual favors to pay for his room and board.


She also says her ex-boyfriend is manipulative.

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According to her, he has a drug and porn habit but charms his way into women’s arms by telling them about his childhood trauma and struggle with housing.

She claims that her child’s dad moves in with vulnerable women early in the relationship and moves on shortly thereafter — that he has done this to at least a dozen women.

She didn't realize how bad he was until it was too late.

“Machinimiacrinj” and the man in question had a daughter two years ago.


She acknowledges her bad mate selection, saying, “I know, I know."

She goes on to explain, “Whilst I adore my daughter, my ex is the absolute bane of my existence" — her ex only has one child, their daughter.

The mom tells readers that since their breakup, he has talked negatively about her.

The writer alleges that he has told other women she is “an evil narcissistic witch” who doesn’t let him see his baby. She has a logical explanation.

According to “Machinimiacrinj," her daughter is developmentally delayed, and her ex thinks the girl’s disability is the mother’s fault.

In addition, she says that he doesn’t pay child support and fails to show up at scheduled visitations.


She explains that in spite of his inconsistency, he places the blame on her for being an absent father.

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His new girlfriend publicly attacked her on Facebook.

The mom thought that her ex’s badmouthing resulted in his latest girlfriend accusing her of using their daughter as a weapon in a Facebook post.

The poster also believes, the man’s new partner, who has only been around for a few months, influenced him to get a free consultation with a family law attorney.

The new girlfriend has never met the woman’s daughter but followed up with a post that read, “Love my special girls.”


She went a step further by naming her own autistic daughter and her new boyfriend’s child in the post.

The woman is understandably upset that her ex’s girlfriend has decided to post about her daughter’s disability without her permission.

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She equates the public displays to an obsession with the little girl.

She ends her Mumsnet post by telling readers that her daughter is supposed to see her grandmother (on her dad’s side) for an overnight visit.

“Machinimiacrinj” assumes her ex will show up to visit his daughter at his mom’s house with his new girlfriend in tow.


“There’s a 50% chance he won’t turn up anyway,” she believes.

She asks if she is being unreasonable by not wanting the new woman to meet her child.

In a final shot at her ex and his girlfriend, she points out, “Even if I did, in 6 months he’ll be with a different one.”

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People online shared their thoughts with the mother.

One person wrote, “I agree that it's weird but I'm not sure that one Facebook post counts as obsessed.”


It was clear that they thought she was overreacting.

Other readers could relate to the story and shared their thoughts.

One person commented, “She has been taken in, just as you were. These men are very good at manipulation, so you can't really blame her for falling for it.”

The user also warned the frustrated mom against getting worked up about the situation.

“No point in telling her you're fuming at a Facebook post, it's meaningless," they continued. "But your reaction has played right into his version of you. Just ignore it, and don't look at her FB. She will come to her senses soon enough.”

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