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Mom Angry That Ex-Husband's Hairdresser Girlfriend Gave Daughter Her First Haircut Without Permission

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upset mother on TikTok

An emotional mother by name of Kaylene B. took to TikTok to express her anger over her ex-husband’s new girlfriend taking away what many moms consider to be an important moment in their child's life.

As the video begins, a caption is displayed that says, “She was told she was not allowed to touch my kid’s hair and she did it anyway. Stole a first moment from me as a mother I will never get back.”

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The mom was left devastated when her ex's new girlfriend cut her child's hair for the first time.

Kaylene starts by saying that she is “furious” and that it’s taken a while for her to stop crying and get over it.

She goes on to explain that her “soon-to-be-ex-husband” is involved with a hairdresser in Colorado.



Kaylene elaborates, “It was a woman he had an affair with, that we’ve had problems with… her and I used to be friends. We don’t get along anymore.”

The TikToker tells viewers that she told the hairdresser in no uncertain terms that she was not allowed to cut her daughter’s hair.

She continues by disclosing that over the prior weekend, her daughter had gone to visit her father. Once again, his new girlfriend was asked not to touch the girl’s hair.

For more context, she offers that she was in the process of growing out her daughter’s hair and that up to that point, it had never been cut.

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Then she dropped a bombshell that the woman had “took it upon herself” to cut the child’s hair.

Kaylene is visibly upset and shaking while telling her story.

“To steal my daughter’s first haircut, perform it, and cut inches off of her beautiful long hair and give her the worst bangs you can imagine…” she says.

The woman went on to claim that the haircut was so bad, she had to go to her own hairdresser to correct it. She then asks for legal help with the matter.

Many viewers could relate. One person said, “My [niece's] dad did this."

"Her hair was down to her lower back. He got mad at my stepmom, took her to a barbershop, and they gave her the worst pixie cut”

“Girl, file a police report," another person commented, "As for the ex I would be filing some motions in court for him too.”

The original poster responded to that comment letting readers know she had done just that.

“He’s been fighting this divorce tooth and nail,” she adds.

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Another user stepped up to provide an avenue for justice that the mother may not have thought of. She suggested, “Hairstylist here! If the haircut was done at home, you can actually call [the] state board and have her license removed.”

The mother was quick to note that she had already looked into it.

She responded, “I found out her job was closed because a car drove through the building, she did this in her own home with no licensing to work out of her home.”

Relationships are tough and even more difficult when there is infidelity and betrayal involved.

The best-case scenario is that the mom, dad, and potential stepmother can work through their differences and raise an emotionally stable child.

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