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Woman Leaves Her Husband To Pursue A Man She Met Once — Then He Ghosted Her

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Amanda Trenfield

14 years of Amanda Trenfield's relationship went down the drain when she decided to leave her husband for a man she had just met.

Trenfield published her memoir, “When A Soulmate Says No,” after making the drastic decision.

After ending her marriage, the man she thought was her soulmate ghosted her.

Trenfield met Jason through a work conference she attended with her husband. The moment they met, she felt a connection with him.

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That connection only deepened after spending the evening and getting to know each other and soon Trenfield's attraction grew.

The party made her realize her marriage was over. She felt different after meeting Jason and couldn't stop thinking about him.

“I’d just met my soulmate. What could possibly be more important than that? Less than a month after meeting Jason, having had no communication with him since our time in Margaret River, I ended my 14-year relationship with my husband.”

A month after calling off her marriage, Trenfield was in Jason's city and planned to meet up. However, Jason quickly changed his mind and canceled on her.

“He'd thought about my proposition and decided it wouldn't be a good idea for us to catch up or stay in touch,” Trenfield says.

"He declared he didn't want to ‘mess with my situation.’ Oh, and as a final sign-off he said, ‘look after yourself.’"

Trenfield reached out to him but Jason started to ghost her.

“As I began to construct the reply, my heart began to pound, my mouth became bone dry, and my body temperature felt like it was spiking above 40 degrees,” Trenfield continued.

“I pressed send. I waited. And I waited. And I waited.”

After a while, she didn’t bother to expect a reply from Jason.

She started to live her life and tried to forget about him, finding herself on a beach enjoying her time and listening to music. 

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My new life was beginning. I was coming out. I didn't know where I was going: I didn’t know who would hold my hand, let me cry on their shoulder, or let me snuggle into their arms,” she wrote.

Her trip ended just like that — without any messages or contact from Jason.

Even though she realized that her time with Jason was over, it was still hard for her to get over him.

“I'm at the airport and feeling thoroughly exhausted. It has certainly been a challenging month! Jason didn’t contact me — he either doesn't feel the same way about me or doesn't know how he feels. I desperately wanted to see him,” Trenfield added.

She knew that she would have to forget him and move on in her life.

"I clearly wasn't ok. I was heartbroken. My soul had been smashed into a million pieces. But I had to move forward. Somehow, I had to move forward."

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