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Man Considers Leaving Wife After Hearing What She Wants To Do With Their Adopted Kids’ Inheritance

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Family with their kids

Even after his wife insisted that he shouldn’t spend his inheritance money on their adopted kids’ college funds, one man refused to budge from his decision.

Posting to Reddit’s “r/AmITheA--hole?” thread, he wrote that his wife and he have three kids, Ethan, 16, Aiden, 16, and Gracie, 12.

Aiden and Gracie are their adopted kids while Ethan is their biological son.

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As they are getting older, they have been thinking about college plans. 

“We have college funds for all three children with the same amount so they will be able to afford to go if they decide to. My mother died and left me a lot of money and I used it to fund their accounts,” he wrote.

However, as the kids’ discuss their future plans, his wife, Ami gets upset because she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to spend the inheritance money on Aiden and Gracie — this even led to an argument between the couple.

His wife wants to use the kids’ college funds to buy stuff for herself.

The man explained, “She apparently is happy to fund Ethan’s college but only part for Aiden and Gracie.”

He explained that he never differentiated between their kids and wanted to make sure all kids got a good start in life.

Eventually, he told her that the inheritance money belonged to him and he could what he wants with it.

“She left a few days ago and I haven’t heard anything from her. I thought kids didn’t hear the fight but today Aiden came down and said sorry for causing a fight between us and that he is grateful that I stood up for him and Gracie,” he explained.

He later found out that Ami is OK and staying with her sister for a while but she hasn’t contacted him or any of the kids.

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He doesn’t want to be with his wife anymore.

“I don’t think I can be with her anymore as I can’t see how she can repair the relationship with the kids."

"I think her coming back now will be detrimental to their well-being and it’s something I can’t risk,” he added.

Even though Ami has ruined her relationship with her family, the man still loves her and would help her if needed.

“I am willing to support her but not be a couple at the moment. If it’s just that she is greedy and selfish then she can forget about having any kind of relationship with me. I guess I will find out in the next few months,” he wrote.

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His wife eventually apologized to him for her behavior.

Ami and he met without the kids to have a talk about their situation.

She had a realization that she was wrong to react the way she did.

The man was delighted to hear her realize her mistake and offered that they could do the things she wanted, just not out of the kids’ college funds.

However, she didn't want any help from him and decided to leave the family. 

“She is moving to Canada to live with her mom. I don’t care what she gets up to there. She didn’t want to have any more contact with the children. Didn’t even want to say goodbye so I let her go,” he wrote.

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