Woman’s Anger Over Ex-Husband’s New Partner ‘Stealing Her Retirement’ Sparks Debate

She's not jealous.

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This woman has become upset after her ex-husband got a new girlfriend, however, jealousy is not the cause of her anger.

The new girlfriend wrote on the British forum, “Mumsnet” about the ill feelings she has been facing from her partner’s ex-wife in an effort to get some advice from internet users.

The woman fears the girlfriend would steal her retirement money.

In the original post, the girlfriend shared that she’s in her late 50s and has been in a loving relationship with her partner for a while. 


The couple has made plans to do several activities and travel to different places as the man enjoys partaking in such activities.

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“He always did the hobbies with his children when they were younger, the XW [ex-wife] didn’t go, [things like] hiking, camping, cycling, canoeing. They still come occasionally.”

However, this hasn’t been going down well with her partner’s ex-wife as she fears the girlfriend would steal her retirement money.

The woman wrote, “His XW tells everyone that I’ve stolen her retirement and now she can’t afford to do any of the things she was looking forward to.”


It seems the ex-wife believes that the couple has plans to use her retirement money for the travel plans. 

The husband left his ex-wife after she refused to join him in his retirement dreams.

As the man is quite outgoing and has a liking for various outdoor activities, there are many things he wants to do. When he was still with his ex-wife, he asked her to join him in numerous different activities.

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“She just didn’t want to join him or be involved in his retirement dreams, so in the end, this was part of the reason he left,” the girlfriend wrote.


Amid all this, the girlfriend feels like she is a bad person. As a result, she posted her story to ask other people for their opinions.

Internet users gave the woman a mixed reaction.

Many internet users saw that the ex-wife was in the wrong and claimed that the girlfriend should just ignore her and her tantrums.

One user wrote, “Ignore her. You're not doing anything wrong. You both know the truth and if any friends side with her, they're not people you want in your life anyway.”

Another user wrote, “Don't think about it. Presuming they were split up before he met you if anything he took her retirement plans away.”

At the same time, people thought that there might be more to the story and asked the woman for more details. Additionally, many people advised the girlfriend to think more about why the ex-wife is behaving this way.


One person commented, “Maybe there were reasons they split over and above what he's told you and he doesn't want to go there…I would let it float over you but be aware that she may have reasons for feeling as she does that you are unaware of.”

Another person wrote, “I kind of feel a bit sorry for the ex-wife. Maybe she was looking after the family whilst he enjoyed his hobbies. Maybe his hobbies meant more money spent on him and less money for the family.”

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