Mom With A Baby On A Leash In Public Praised — '10000% Better Than Parents Who Let Their Kids Do Whatever They Want'

Innovative or dehumanizing?

Woman puts baby on leash TikTok

Some people prefer a much easier start to parenthood — maybe a cat, a fish, or even a dog. Others go straight into having children. 

Some really seem to blur the line between the two. 

Parenting is no easy job — that’s for sure. So, anything that parents can utilize to make their lives easier with children is likely necessary. 

However, is there a line between outrageous and useful when it comes to parenting?


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This mom, who put her baby on a leash at a public basketball game, doesn't seem to think so. And, many agree with her. 

In a viral TikTok, this woman is shown reeling in her baby on a leash at a basketball game. 

Engaged in conversation with the people around her at the basketball game, a bystander catches the perfect opportunity to pull their camera out. 



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As she speaks with the people around her, this mom uses one hand to reel in her baby using a leash — pulling him back across the floor as he crawls towards the basketball court. 

While everyone around her seems to not notice, or rather, not care that she has her baby leashed like a dog — other bystanders seem to be giving her strange looks. 

Although the baby seems annoyed with being pulled away from the action on the court, they are seemingly happy and behaving very well compared to other children at the game. 

So, it begs the question — are leashes the new wave in Parenting 101? 

Many comments support her putting a baby on a leash — appreciating her’ creative and innovative’ parenting. 

“The alternative,” one comment points out, “is literally holding them while they scream and struggle to get down. She deserves an award.” 


Another mom empathizes with her, saying, “I judged people putting leashes on their children. Then, I had kids. I didn’t do it, but now I understand.” 

“Mom win,” one person types, “She can chat, observe the other child’s game, keep the baby off the court, and the baby is having a blast.” 

While it may seem a little surprising to see in public, these comments make reasonable points for the usefulness of her technique. 

Some people seem appalled — wondering why this mom would ever have the guts to do this in public. 

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Other comments feel that it’s ‘dehumanizing’ to put a baby on a leash like they’re a pet. 

“Aww, is it a rescue?” one commenter jokes about her leash technique with her young baby. 

“Do you want a dog or a child?” one user seriously questions in the comments. 

Many people seem hyper-focused on the use of a leash — so, maybe if she used something else, people wouldn’t be so convinced it was dehumanizing? 

Sticking on trend, one comment says. “That’s gonna backfire on her. That’s resistance training.” 

“What type of dog is that?” another jokes.

Regardless of what other people on TikTok say about this mom’s baby on a leash, it does seem to work! Parenting is unique, and if you find something that works for you — why not? 


After the video with her baby on a leash went viral, other moms share their innovative parenting tips. 

“Promoting independence while keeping my three toddlers safe,” one mom writes under her TikTok video while walking her three children on leashed backpacks. 

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Many of the comments seem to be unanimously in favor of this parenting tactic – maybe, the stylish children's backpacks are more ‘humanizing’? 


“I need this for my triplets!” one mom writes under the video. 

“Awesome!” another writes enthusiastically after watching the video. 

Regardless of how these two moms decide to keep their children safe and happy, it seems that TikTok will find anything to tear apart. 


So, whether you’re a dog mom or a mom of triplets, investing in a leash could be useful! 

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