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Mom Wonders If She's Wrong For Picking Her Son Up From A Sleepover Because The Family Has A 'Bath Day'

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Mom at her son's sleepover

While he was at his friend's place, a young man called his mother and asked to be picked up because their family wasn't having a "bath day."

In her post to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” thread, one mother explained her situation and asked internet users whether she had been wrong.

She explained she doesn't let her son, Jason sleep over at his friends' places.

Since Jason is still young and he also hasn't asked to sleep over at a friend's place, the mother never had an issue with this rule.

However, the mother broke this rule when Jason wanted to sleep over at his best friend Brandon's house, but changed his mind while he was there. 

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The mother son's called her and asked to be picked up because the family wouldn’t let him shower as it wasn't a 'bath day.'

He explained that Brandon's family had specific "bath days" and since it wasn't a bath day, Jason wasn't allowed to shower.

After hanging up with Jason, she called Brandon's mother, Ashley and talked to her about it. 



“I immediately call Ashley and inform her that Jason needs a shower and if she could just allow him to do so,” she wrote.

“She basically explained to me that since my child is in her home he must follow her rules (which is fair), I agreed with her and hung up.”

After that, she called Jason and told him that she was coming to pick him up.

Surprisingly, Jason was happy to hear that she was coming to pick him up and had already packed up his bags.

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Her son’s mother was quite angry when she came to pick up her son.



Ashley reprimanded the mother and told her that she should teach her son to follow other people’s rules.

“I told her he was uncomfortable and I’m not going to keep my child in an uncomfortable situation he doesn’t want to be in, especially if I can help,” the woman explained.

Ashley then argued that she had let Brandon take showers when he was at Jason’s place for a sleepover a while ago.

However, the woman responded while claiming that Brandon never said anything about it and she would have taken him home if he was uncomfortable.

The argument went on but the woman tried to keep it down as the kids were around.

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Redditors let the woman know that she wasn’t wrong.

“My mom would also come get me if I didn't want to sleep over for whatever reason, so your kid didn't want to stay over, and so you got him. There's nothing wrong with that,” one user wrote.

“Respecting a rule at a home is something to teach a child, but also teaching a kid they don't need to stay when they are uncomfortable is important.”

Another user wrote, “I don't know why people are debating you on showering, that is not the issue. The issue is that they were bad host, your son was a guest and if the guest wants to shower, you let them shower.”

One person commented, “And for the record, you didn’t teach him that he doesn’t have to follow other people’s rules. He has to follow other people’s rules when he’s at other people’s houses, and if he doesn’t like it he can leave. That’s what you taught him.”

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