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Man Asks If He's Wrong For Feeding Daughter Onions On His Custody Days After His Ex-Wife Said They're Off Limits

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Most fights between co-parents arise over disputes regarding their children’s extracurricular activity schedules or which parents’ house they should go to on holidays. 

They usually don’t happen over onions. 

However, this is exactly what happened between a man and his ex-wife when she discovered that he had been packing their daughter for her school lunch.

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The man’s ex-wife criticized him for packing onion slivers as a part of their daughter’s lunch.

Sharing his story to the subreddit r/AmITheA–hole, the man asked other users if he was wrong for the way he reacted toward his wife when she forbid him from packing onions in their daughter’s lunchbox. 

He began his post by sharing that his ex-wife often pushes him around on what to do with their children, even on the days when he has custody of them. 

“She has a list of food she doesn't want our daughter to eat, and I don't pay attention to her list,” the man wrote. 

As per their custody agreement, he drops their daughter off at school on Monday mornings and his ex picks her up.

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One evening, she called the man upon discovering the contents of their daughter’s lunchbox. 

“She called me yesterday to say she was cleaning our daughter's lunchbox and found onion slivers and asked if any of the lunch I packed her had onions,” he wrote. “I said yes, it did.” 

The woman reminded her ex-husband that onions were on the list of foods she forbids their daughter from eating, to which he replied that he “didn’t care.” 

“She said onions make our daughter smell bad when she sweats and kids will bully her,” the man wrote. “I said that at my house our daughter showers, and she might try that at her house as well.” 

The man’s ex called him a “spiteful prick” and demanded that he stop packing their daughter onions in her lunch and he refused. 

“Our daughter likes onions, so I'm going to ignore her,” he shared. “A part of me does wonder if I was petty though. It pisses me off when she tells me what to do, so maybe that is clouding my judgment.”

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Reddit users supported the man and believed that his ex-wife was acting unreasonably. 

“If the onions really cause her to smell bad, she would have known without finding the slivers,” one user commented. 

“There's no requirement after divorce that forces you to use a list of approved ingredients by your ex,” another user pointed out. 

“It's wildly inappropriate to restrict a child's diet over something like smell? Everyone stinks,” another user wrote. 

“It certainly does sound like your ex-wife is your ex-wife for a reason. She's going to give your kid some serious issues with food if she keeps it up,” another added. 

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