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Mom Asks If She's Wrong For Not Inviting Family To Baby's Baptism So No One Can Post Photos Of Her Online

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With the arrival of a new baby, certain events can feel overwhelming, especially when some family members tend to overstep new parents’ boundaries. 

One mother revealed that she is facing this dilemma, and it is influencing her decision of whether or not she should invite her family to her baby’s baptism. 

The mother claims that she does not want to invite her family to her baby’s baptism so that nobody can take photos and post them on social media. 

Sharing her story on a thread on the UK-based parenting site, Mumsnet, the mother asked others if she was being unreasonable in her decision. 

The mother began her post by sharing that she is a “very private” person who steers clear of social media. 

“[I] don't like people taking pictures of me or my baby, and posting them on social media,” she wrote. 

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She explains that she has had issues with her family in the past due to them snapping photos of her and posting them to social media. 

“I have met with some family members who have taken pictures of me without asking and being offended if I don't want to be in a picture and also when I ask them to delete it,” she shared. 

“For my birthday I also asked for no pictures, and they started taking their phones out and filming. I thought this was really rude.” 

Now, the woman has another significant milestone in her life approaching: her baby’s baptism. 

She is conflicted about inviting her family, worrying that they’ll take pictures. “I don't want the event filmed, or pictures taken or posted on social media,” the woman wrote. 

The woman feels that her “only option” is to not invite her family at all. She asked other forum users if she was being unfair. 

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While a lot of people sympathized with the mom not wanting photos of herself or her baby on social media, they didn't understand her not wanting any photos of the baptism taken at all. 

“I wouldn’t want it to be filmed or on social media, but don’t you want to have photos to show your child when they’re older?” one person asked. 

“It's a very important part of your child's spiritual life. If the church allows photos I don't see why you wouldn't want them to take one to commemorate them entering Christ's family,” another shared. 

“Your child deserves to have photos of themself taken so they have something to look back on. I agree with not putting photos on social media, but refusing to let others take photos is ridiculous and selfish,” said yet another comment. 

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“What do you think will happen at kids' parties...you'd better get over it now,” another user pointed out. 

Others were concerned that the woman may drive her family away with her rule and that it would not be fair to her baby, who would be unable to have a relationship with them. 

 “If you're planning to have the baptism just parents and baby then it's fine but if you're planning to invite friends and family but to deliberately exclude some family members then I think that would be a really awful thing to do,” one person wrote. 

“You, your baby, and your family will never get that time back so if you hurt people through this you can't unhurt them and it'll forever mar what should be a lovely event.”

Others recommended that the woman seek professional help over her serious privacy concerns. 

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