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Mom Insists On Inviting 100 Additional Guests To Daughter's Wedding Even Though Bride Barely Knows Them

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The most important thing to recognize about weddings is it’s all about the couple getting married and nobody else should have a say in how things run. 

Unfortunately, one woman is dealing with her mom overstepping and trying to hijack her wedding. 

The story was shared to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA–hole,” (AITA) a subreddit where users from across the internet ask for advice on a conflict in their lives.

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The bride’s mother insists on inviting more people than the two originally agreed upon. 

“So, I’m getting married in April 2023,” the woman begins, explaining that it was now time to send out invitations. 

Before they finalized the invitations, however, she asked her mom if there were any additional people she’d like to invite. 

“My fiancé and I already have a list of 135 people and said we only wanted immediate family (grandparents, aunts/uncles, and 1st cousins). Our immediate families are included in our list,” she said. 

After doing some planning, her mother came back with who she wanted to invite — only the list was much, much larger than the bride had thought. 

“My mom comes back with an additional 61 family members to invite and 80 of her friends,” she said. 

The woman further explains how this won’t happen since their venue is “max 200 people” but they wanted to keep the guest list under 150 “for both budgets and only want people we both know.”

She put her foot down, saying her mother could only invite about 20 people. Her mother, of course, wasn’t happy. 

“She and my dad threw a huge fit and told me if I was going to be like this, I should just get married in Vegas without anyone there.”

Apparently, her parents attempted to “guilt trip” her, saying she would “hurt these family members’ feelings and can never repair the relationship.”

The woman says this won’t be the case, saying, “I’ve talked to my extended family maybe 3 times in my life. There is no relationship.”

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Reddit has agreed the bride is completely right in her decisions. 

“NTA,” one user wrote. “You and your fiance should only invite the people you want to invite.”

There’s also the matter of the budget— if you have a set amount of people you want to have at your wedding, the couple should have first and final say in who gets to come because they’re the ones dishing out the money. 

It’s unclear if the parents are helping pay for the wedding but if they’re so keen on having all 150 additional guests come to the wedding, then they should be the ones paying for those additional seats. 

As one user so acutely put it: “Stick to the 20 guests limit and tell your parents that if they want to party at a wedding with 120 people, they are welcome to renew their vows.”

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