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Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Not Inviting Best Friend Over For Christmas After She Was Excluded From Her Wedding

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Being snubbed from the guest list can be stressful — especially when it's a party thrown by your best friend.

However, one woman is adamant that her friend shouldn’t be invited to her Christmas party after she was snubbed an invite to her wedding. 

The woman explains how every year she throws an annual Christmas party, a big deal in her community. 

“A few years ago at one I threw, my friend Tara met my former co-worker Tony and they hit it off,” she shared to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA), a subreddit where users from across the internet ask for advice on a conflict in their lives.

The two dated for two years before showing up to one of the more recent parties with “a ring on her finger.” 

“They announced for the first time that they were engaged. I was super happy for them.”

Come spring, the two were married — only the woman who brought them together wasn’t invited to their wedding. 

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Now, she’s decided to not invite either friend to this year’s Christmas party. 

“When I was sending around my party invitations this year, I didn't see any reason to invite them back if they didn't think I wasn't worthy of making their guest list,” she said. 

“I have known them both for years, basically introduced them, and they literally announced their engagement at my home.”

The woman has recently found out that the two are upset for not being able to attend the party, even saying they consider it something “special” and think she’s being “petty” for not inviting them. 

A few of their mutual friends defended the couple, saying it was a smaller wedding and that they feel like she’s “punishing them.”

But she quickly found out that wasn’t exactly the case. 

“There were probably 200 people there and I knew at least 50 of them, and I was a little surprised at some of the names that made the cut over us.”

Now her partner thinks she should still invite them despite what has happened. 

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Reddit has agreed the woman is right for not inviting the two. 

One of the biggest arguments that users are saying is that it’s her party so she can invite who she wants. 

“NTA - you can invite and not invite whoever you want without any reason.”

But others are saying that it feels more nefarious. 

“Probably wanted to make another announcement at the party,” one user speculated. 

“That's become their tradition; probably they expect to do that for years to come.”

Others are saying that they aren’t true friends at this point. 

“I don't think these ‘friends’ care about you in the least - they just don't want to miss out on THE social event in your circle. I'm going to bet that nobody else bothers to even hold a Christmas party.”

While there is some form of “get back at you,” it’s not malicious at all. 

She’s simply treating them how they treated her — it’s only fair. 

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