Man Scores Wedding Date By Asking For Video Submissions Via TikTok

That's one way to find a date!

Steve Allaire, TikTok @zamboniman55 / TikTok

A man was in search of a date for his brother’s wedding and turned to one of the most popular social media platforms, TikTok, to assist him with his dilemma. 

31-year-old Steve Allaire was selected to be a groomsman at his brother’s wedding, and although he was prepared with a new suit and a gift, he was missing one important aspect that comes with attending a wedding: a date to tag along with him. 


He asked TikTok to find him a potential wedding date through video submissions. 

In his request video, Steve introduced himself, his hobbies, and what the wedding would include. 

He included a series of photos and videos of himself as well. 

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“I’m Steve, I’m 31 and I’m looking for a date to a wedding in September,” he shared in the now-viral video. “The wedding is in central Mass [Massachusetts] and I’m a groomsman!” 

“Beautiful venue and they are having a french fry bar!” he noted of the reception venue. 


“I’m 5’9’’ and I play ice hockey and love sports. We can dance all night and take cute pictures!”  Steve added. “It’s going to be a fun night and I’d love for you to join me! What do you say?” 



The video received over 7 million views. 

Many TikTok users took a liking to Steve and wanted to prove themselves more than up for the task of being his wedding date.


“I’m 100% sure you must’ve found someone but if not, I’m 31, in central MA, a fan of fries, taking cute pictures, and your idea to do this in general!” one user commented. 

“I have a wedding in October where I’m MOH [Maid of Honor]. Trade wedding for wedding?” another user wrote. 

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Others were not looking to embark on a serious date, but loved Steve’s video and wanted to accompany him to the wedding.

“I’m a lesbian but you had me at french fry bar,” one user wrote. 

“My husband said he’d think about it,” another user shared.


Over 8,000 women responded to Steve’s video, hoping to be his wedding date. 

The women filmed their own videos, providing details about themselves and expressing interest in accompanying Steve to the wedding. 

“I can’t believe the amount of interests I have,” Steve shared in a follow-up video, thanking everyone for their support. “I really appreciate the kind words.” 



He added that he would be focusing on women with whom he had previously met and exchanged words through social media as a potential date. 


He eventually selected a woman Kat Gilbribe.

The two are close in age and Kat lived near the wedding venue.

“I was intrigued, I was like, oh, this is so endearing and cute,” Kat said of Steve’s video in an interview with “Inside Edition.”

“My jaw literally dropped when I saw her,” Steve said.


The two got each other ready and practiced a dance together before heading off to the wedding day festivities.

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