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‘I’m Marrying A Gay Man’ — Bride Reveals Why She’s Going Through With Wedding To Man Who Doesn’t Love Her

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Marrying a best friend would be the cherry on top of every girl's wants for her wedding, however, one woman shared the heartbreaking reason she took this step.

A woman went to Reddit’s “r/TrueOffMyChest” thread to share the story behind her wedding with her best friend.

Her best friend is gay and his parents wouldn’t accept him.

The woman explained that her best friend and her parents have known each other for a long time so the two have known each since they were kids.

As their parents have been acquainted with each other for so long, they had arranged their marriage ever since they were born.

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However, her fiance, whom the woman has referred to as "M" in the post, has known he was gay since he was 11 years old. 

“Because of our culture, M is guaranteed to be cut off, bashed and even physically hurt if he ever comes out,” the woman wrote.

As they have known the realities of their culture and their parent's wishes, they compromised.

The two best friends decided to be the ideal couple in front of their parents.

“We'll be married. We'll go on ‘dates’. We'll be the perfect couple for our families. But in reality, he's my best friend who I guess is now my roommate for life!” the woman explained.

The two have also come up with a plan on how they would deal with some of the issues after their wedding. 

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The woman wrote, “We'll lie and say I'm infertile, suffer through one wedding kiss, pursue our own relationships, and no one's going to know.”

She also expressed that she and her best friend are quite excited about their wedding even though it’s a compromise.

They are happy while looking at the bright side of the situation.

Redditors understood the situation and claimed that their marriage isn’t all bad.

One user wrote, “Being married to your best friend is the best marriage. Passion fades. If you don't like each other outside of the passion, there is no reason to stick together.”

Another user wrote, “Funny thing is this marriage will probably last a lot longer than actual marriages between 2 straight people.”

However, many people saw the negative aspects of marrying your gay best friend and advised the woman.

“Sounds all fun and games now but when you do find a partner who wants a wife and maybe kids, that situation is going to get very bad,” one user wrote.

“It doesn't sound like you're thinking this through very well. Same goes for him. If he finds a partner, it's a lot to ask of other people to pretend they're just your friends.”

Another person commented, “This is going to interfere with your ability to find the love of your life and marry him…Do you really want to sneak around as you date? Have [rumors] spread that you’re cheating on your husband?”

“Short term this seems like a good first step to get out of your family’s controlling grips. But long term, try to set up your independence from them,” one person commented.

One person wrote, "You should sit down in the near future and have more in-depth conversations of what the future could bring - and how you plan to deal with it. Especially falling in love with someone."

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