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Woman Reveals Why She Agreed To Be Bridesmaid At Her Ex’s Wedding To Her Former Friend

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Bride with her best friend

A woman shared the story about how she grew to hate her best friend over the years despite maintaining a friendship with her and committing to being her bridesmaid.

She then went to Reddit's thread, “r/TrueOffMyChest” to share her story with strangers on the internet.

The woman has known her best friend, Sophie for ten years now. Initially, she didn’t like Sophie but, after much persistence from her end, the two became friends.

For years, the duo maintained a close relationship until the woman met her boyfriend, Jacob.

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Jacob was her first boyfriend and the two fell for each other hard and fast.

The two had made plans to move in together and were at the point of discussing a future, however, all those plans went down the drain when Jacob revealed something.

Her boyfriend wanted to date her best friend.

Jacob explained that he had been talking and texting Sophie quite often recently and had fallen in love with her.

“She also felt the same way about him but said he had to get my permission before they took things further out of respect,” the woman wrote.



While the woman had been shocked at this revelation, she knew that Sophie was attractive.

In a way, the woman thought that the situation made sense.

“I just said it was fine. I packed Jacob's things up out of my house and handed them to him with a smile and congratulated them.”

The next day was when the woman’s shock turned to anger and sadness.

She felt bad that she had been betrayed but she didn’t hate Sophie right away — she still maintained a friendship with her and spent time with her.

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“I'm still her friend but it's like I can't be with her for longer than a few hours or everything she does starts to annoy me. Why does she look at her phone so much? Why does she expect me to buy her so much?” the woman explained.

Now three years after their break up, Sophie and Jacob are getting married.

When Sophie asked the woman to be her bridesmaid, she knew she hated her best friend.

“The thought makes me feel sick. I hate my best friend so much I don't want to be a part of her wedding but I know I will say yes,” the woman explained. 

“Because if I say no it will make her unhappy and I'd become the bad guy. So I'll be the head bridesmaid [whose] one and only boyfriend left her for the bride.”

Many Redditors empathized with the woman and advised her to not be the bridesmaid.

One user wrote, “Don’t do it, don’t be a bridesmaid… don’t let yourself get walked over. Don’t keep these people in your life! Cut them off and walk away, open a new chapter of your life without them.”

It seems reading the numerous comments had an impact on the woman as she added in an update that she won’t be going through with it.

The woman isn’t going to agree or decline Sophie’s offer.

Instead, she’s going to dodge all calls from Sophie and completely ghost her out hoping she gets the hint.

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