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Woman Exposes Groom’s Crush On Her During Wedding Speech, Sparking Argument With Bride

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Wedding speeches are supposed to bring entertainment and laughter to the entire wedding party but what one person considers a fun anecdote may be an upsetting topic for someone else.

A woman who was tasked to give a speech and her best friend's wedding ended up stirring some drama with a story she shared so took to Reddit to ask for advice.

The woman recounted the entire debacle to Reddit’s “r/AmITheA--hole?” thread where users vote on whether or not someone was in the wrong 

The friend mentioned that the groom had a crush on her in her wedding speech.

In the original post, the woman mentioned that she has been best friends with the groom, Christian, since they were in high school. During their high school years, Christian developed a crush on her. 

“However, he eventually got over me, and I had never even let his feelings harm our friendship,” the woman wrote. Christian eventually started dating other women and decided to get married after meeting the one. 

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The woman says the wedding was a blast, she has a good relationship with his new wife, Victoria, and overall it was an amazing night — until she made her speech.

The woman wrote, “As I talked more about our history, I jokingly mentioned how Christian had the hots for me, but that didn't matter because he found his soulmate and that our friendship was stronger than some unrequited feelings.”

Everyone took that as a joke and even Christian found it humorous as he thanked the woman for the speech later in the evening.

However, the bride did not find it particularly funny.

The woman later found out that Christian’s bride, Victoria had an issue with her speech. She didn’t appreciate that the friend brought up an instance where Christian had feelings for her at the wedding.

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“Apparently, Victoria genuinely had no issue with Christian's feelings, but felt it was inappropriate to mention them at a wedding,” the woman wrote.

The woman didn’t mean any harm, however, her other friends mentioned that she might have been wrong.

All internet users thought that it was inappropriate for her to mention something that happened years ago when they were just teenagers.

One user wrote, “You’ll be forever known as the groom’s female friend who said 'he was into me first' during a speech at the wedding. There’s a time and a place for jokes like that, but a speech at a wedding reception isn’t one of them.”

Another user wrote, “This speech was supposed to be about Christian and Victoria, not about Christian’s past feelings for you. Imagine how uncomfortable you made Victoria feel.”

Many people also thought that the woman did that to just get attention at the wedding.

One person wrote, “You sound like you’re bragging about the fact he liked you first and you made every single person there aware that he liked you at HIS WEDDING.”

"A wedding is not the place to bring up exes and former crushes. You should apologize to the bride for being inconsiderate,” determined another user.

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