Woman Lands Job Interview After Sending Meme In Response To Rejection Letter

"Y Tho?"

woman lands job interview @swedishswan / TikTok

There are more bizarre ways to score a job interview than you may think. 

Tiktok user @swedishswan is proving this to be true. 

In a video that has since been viewed over 5 million times, she shares her hilarious story of how she used a meme to land a job interview. 

The woman responded with a meme to a rejection letter. 

The woman shares she woke up to the unfortunate news one morning, receiving an email from a company she had applied to work at to let her know they would not be moving forward with her application.


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Having had enough of silently accepting rejections, the TikToker decided she was going to try a new approach with this email. 

“I really kinda wanted this job, so I took a lesson from Gen Z and I sent them back this,” she shares. 


She shows viewers a meme she sent to the company in response to her rejection — a popular meme that features a painting of Pope Leo X along with the phrase “Y tho” written in text across it. 

To her surprise, it worked! 

“They sent me another email saying that they do in fact now want to interview me,” the woman said. 

“I can’t believe that worked.” 

TikTok users praised the woman for her hilarious method. 

“I’m a manager and I would’ve laughed so hard and hired you on the spot,” one user commented. 

“As a recruiter, I would have totally invited you for an interview this is amazing,” another user wrote. 

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Others told the woman that they would be stealing this move from her playbook next time they received a rejection letter. 

“Unemployed for 8 months, im doing it rn, idc anymore,” one user said. 

As another person pointed out, the TikTok should be a lesson for all job applicants to insist on getting feedback during their job searches.

Responding to a rejection email was literally how I got my job now," they wrote, "I kept thinking: what are they gonna do, NOT hire me MORE?"

Unfortunately, the woman shared that she did not get the job a few days later. 

TikTok users attempted to lift her spirits in the comments. 

“Booo you’re clearly worth more than they wanted to pay,” one user wrote. 




Others even suggested she try sending another hilarious meme as a last ditch attempt to secure the position — or to at least have some fun with the recruiter.

If this woman keeps up her witty meme responses, we’re certain she’ll be hired by another company in no time! 


Fortunately, she's been able to maintina her sense of humor even throughout the miserable world of job applications. The TikToker even posted her reaction to her stoy going viral online, laughing at reactions to her situation.

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