Man Demands Refund After Seeing Buddha Imagery At Chinese Restaurant Because He's Christian

What happened to "love thy neighbor?"

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A man turned a lunch trip into a religious protest after he spotted imagery in the restaurant that did not align with his beliefs. He then demanded a refund on his food order for all of his troubles, but many people disagree with his proclamations.

The man wanted a refund after seeing Buddha imagery at a Chinese restaurant since he’s Christian.

A video posted to the subreddit, "r/PublicFreakouts" depicts a male customer in a Chinese restaurant picking up a food order. However, after he allegedly spotted a statue of Buddha, an Asian spiritual master associated with the Buddhism religion, he demanded a refund since Buddhist beliefs go against his beliefs as a Christian.


The incident took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Rose Garden Chinese restaurant.

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In the video, the man and a little boy who is presumed to be his son stand off to the side of the counter and he can be heard arguing with other customers and restaurant staff after asking for a refund. 

man demands refund at chinese restaurant because buddha imageryPhoto: Reddit


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“I’m Christian,” he claims, saying that he was “offended” by the Buddha statue. The restaurant manager steps out and informs the man that there is nothing she can do for him and instructs him to call the Health Department if he had a problem with the restaurant imagery. 

It is unclear whether or not she winds up issuing the customer a refund, but he remains in the store and starts to argue with another customer who tells the man that he is “lost” and that his argument is “dumb.”

The Christian man can be heard telling the customer to stop “getting aggressive” with him and claims that it is his opinion that a Buddha statue should not be in the restaurant. 


“You don’t want to hear the truth!” he says to the customer, who also happens to be Chrisitan. “You’re giving all of us a bad name,” he tells the man. 

He even reminds him of the popular Christian belief “love thy neighbor,” even if their beliefs do not align with your own. The man ignores the fellow customer and makes several references to Jesus Christ, a predominant figure in Christianity. He claims that he “serves Jesus Christ.” 

Eventually, other customers hear his tirade and decide that they’ve had enough. “Shut up, sir!” one of them shouts. The video ends before the man receives a refund, his food order, or leaves the restaurant. 

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Redditors slammed the man for his unreasonable behavior. 

They pointed out that there are other religions besides Christianity that existed and that man was just going to have to accept that fact. 

“What a stupid tiny little bubble to make for yourself in such a vast world,” one user commented. “How did he make it this far in life? Fragile,” another user wrote. 

“For God so loved the world, that he demanded a refund on his takeout because the Chinese restaurant owner has different beliefs,” another user mocked the customer. 

Others noted that the man contradicted his Christian beliefs by being unkind to the restaurant staff just because they had different religious beliefs. 


“As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith,” is a Bible verse that the man should keep in mind next time he encounters those who are of different religions. 

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