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Mom Shares Photo Of Her Kids' School Lunches & Gets Backlash From Critics Who Say It’s Not Enough Food

Photo: Facebook | Oksana Klymenko | Shutterstock
photo of lunches, seaweed, crackers, cheese, mom putting yellow plastic lunch box in child's backpack

A mom is being shamed on social media after sharing what she had packed her children for lunch.

Posting the photos to Facebook, via News AU, the woman was met with mixed reactions from other social media users, who were torn between praise and astonishment at the food she'd packed for her two children.

Many argued that the lunch packed by the mother "wasn't enough food" for her two young children.

In the Facebook post, the mom proudly showed off the two identical lunches she packed for her three-year-old and one-year-old.

In the photo, both lunch boxes were packed with seaweed, a handful of crackers, and some cut-up slices of cheese.

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Photo credit: Facebook

"This is lunch for a one and three-year-old today. Sharp Cheddar cheese, crackers, and seaweed,” the mother, Rachel, wrote.

Some users praised the mother's choice of meal to pack her two children, writing that the options "look great," while others wrote, "this is exactly what my three-year-old would eat."

However, there were some who were left unimpressed by the choice to put seaweed, crackers, and cheese in their lunch boxes.

"That’s a mistake. Is this filling enough for them?” one user wrote, according to News AU.

Another user added, “My kids would devour this and then ask for something else."

“This is lunch? Or a snack? This wouldn’t fill up either of my kids at this age. But at least it’s healthy,” a third user chimed in.

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The negative comments caused other users to jump in and defend the mom from mom-shamers.

They pointed out that some children can be "picky eaters" and by giving them foods such as crackers, cheese, and seaweed, they may be more inclined to eat everything instead of choosing to stay hungry.

"Our kids are alike. My son is obsessed with seaweed. He could eat a 12-pack of them if you don’t watch him. Same with whole apples,” one parent argued.

Previously, another mom was shamed for what she packed her children for lunch.

In January 2020, an Australian mother was forced to defend herself after online users attacked her for the photos she'd taken of her children's lunches.

In the images she shared, according to Daily Mail, her children's lunches included sandwiches, potato chips, pretzels, fruit, and a sponge cake.

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 Photo Credit: Facebook

The woman, who remained anonymous, had to clarify that her children, two high schoolers and two primary school children, were not overweight and didn't waste any of the food she packed for them.

However, when users continued to slam the mother for packing copious amounts of unhealthy options for her children, she was forced to explain why she provided it for them in the first place.

Per Daily Mail, she told critics that she didn't skimp on lunch snacks because she often "starved" as a child and wanted to give them what she never had.

"I was lucky to get even three food items. I do this to ensure they don't get hungry. If they have leftovers they will eat them when they get home instead of an afternoon snack," she wrote.

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