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Woman Dubbed 'Ketchup Karen' Yells At McDonald's Workers Over 'Too Much' Sauce After She Requested Extra

Photo: eviemwrites / TikTok.com
Woman at McDonald's TikTok

A "Karen" is never fun to deal with and unfortunately, service workers have to deal with their fair share of them.

One TikTok has since gone viral for showcasing a woman getting upset at the food service workers at McDonald's.

'Ketchup Karen' yells at workers for messing up and accused the McDonald’s workers of making fun of her diet.

The video was submitted to the TikTok user Evie (@eviemwrites), showcasing her freakout.

The woman, donned in a signature haircut that has featured in many "Karen" memes and starts repeatedly yelling for a manager as she holds out her hamburger.

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When the manager finally arrives, all hell breaks loose.

“I asked for extra ketchup and I got ketchup but what is this,” she screams, slamming the burger down on the counter. “This is so much ketchup!” 

Of course, everybody is astounded to see her freaking out over some measly extra ketchup but what she says next has the workers feeling confused.

“I can’t eat that, you’re making fun of me because I’m on a diet,” she says.

She doesn’t make it clear what diet she’s on but she continues to scream about “sugar and ketchup.”

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Many in the comments are claiming that the video has to be staged.

It’s hard to imagine that someone would be so upset over getting exactly what they wanted.

She wanted the extra ketchup, and extra ketchup is exactly what she got. 

It's because of this absurd behavior that TikTok users are debating whether the video is actually real or not.

“I’m more confused by her outfit and hair,” one of the top comments reads.

Evie replied, “What’s funny is it’s exactly what a Karen looks like in the meme.”

The flared joggers, vest, and way too big sunglasses certainly look like the personified "Karen" meme that the internet has created.

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Others pointed out how animated the woman looks, making them question the validity of the video.

“No way. This gotta be a skit. This girl is way too animated,” one user wrote.

But other commenters were quick to recount their own stories with an "animated" Karen.

“I've had people like this when I worked at McDonald's,” one user replied. “Someone threw their burger at the ceiling, we've had drinks thrown at us.”

One thing everybody agreed on, however, was the grace the manager had when dealing with the woman.

Following the freakout, the manager is seen calmly talking to the woman about how what she just did was not okay — almost like she's talking to a child. 

She’s poised, calm, and while the video cuts before we reach the resolution, one can assume she handled the situation perfectly.

Somebody needs to give that manager a raise.

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