Job Description Requires Applicants To Be In A 'Biblical Christian Marriage' & Describe Their 'Relationship With Jesus Christ'

It may be wildly inappropriate, but it's probably totally legal.

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process. That doesn't stop employers from discriminating in all sorts of ways, of course.

But actually coming out and saying you're discriminating is a recipe for a lawsuit, right? Not necessarily, it turns out.

A discriminatory job description found online explicitly requires applicants to be Christians and to have a 'Biblical' sex life.

The job description, posted by the Twitter account "F**k You I Quit," details some very unorthodox (in one sense, anyway) requirements for new employees focused almost solely on potential employees' religious lives.


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It's unknown what sort of job the description is actually for, but a previously circulated version of the same description and applicant questionnaire that circulated in 2020 was for a remote "Software QA Engineer" — not exactly a job where religious convictions tend to come into play.


job description christian biblical sex life Photo: Twitter

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The discriminatory job description requires applicants to be in a 'Biblical Christian marriage,' polices their sex lives and alcohol use, and requires them to publicly state their faith.

The job description is downright shocking. First of all, smokers need not apply at all — the description requires all applicants to not have used tobacco within the past 12 months. But it also requires applicants to have not "abused" alcohol or drugs, including "legal" ones, for the past 12 months, though it does not define what constitutes "abuse."


But that's only scratching the surface. Applicants' sex lives are also among the requirements; the application states that "employees must only engage in sexual relations within a Biblical Christian marriage."

What does that mean, exactly? You guessed it: "marriage between one man and one woman."

Applicants are then instructed to "provide a brief statement of [their] personal relationship with Jesus Christ," and are forced to sign a declaration acknowledging that they will be asked to "pray and to share my testimony about my relationship with Jesus Christ" at work. There's even a Bible verse included to justify this request.

People were shocked by the brazenly discriminatory job description, but it's totally legal in some circumstances.

If you're feeling deeply uncomfortable and turned off by this job application, you are certainly not alone. People on Twitter were appalled by it, with several wondering how this can possibly be legal. Others couldn't believe how the application read like some kind of parody of evangelical Christianity.


job description christian biblical sex lifePhoto: Twitter

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But as TikToker The Labor Lawyer pointed out in the video below, it's likely entirely within the bounds of the law, despite its blatant bigotry and bizarre requirements.



By now we all know that certain topics are simply off limits when it comes to the job application


"This job application has a series of Christian religious questions that go harder than Larry the cucumber rapping about Barbara Manatee on Veggie Tales," The Labor Lawyer joked, name-checking the popular Christian children's television program about anthropomorphized vegetables with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

"I suspect that this is for a religious organization," The Labor Lawyer continued, "like a religious nonprofit, maybe even a church. Now, in that case, this is actually legal."

He explained that for a government job or a private employer, a job description like this would be a clear violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission itself explains.

"But for a church or religious organization, the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment outranks statutory law like that," he continued. "So this might be legal."


Indeed, people on Twitter pointed out having seen discriminatory job descriptions like this with their own eyes for organizations like anti-abortion non-profits, for example.

job description christian biblical sex lifePhoto: Twitter

Of course, the 2020 version of the ad muddies the waters a bit — how many religious non-profits are making software and hiring Software QA Engineers, after all?

But if you are some kind of Christian non-profit software company, between the tax-exempt status and the legal ability to discriminate against your employees and dictate their sex lives, you apparently couldn't pick a better location for your business than America.


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