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Man Sentenced To Community Service After Baby Monitor Shows Wife Cheating With His Former Work Colleague

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Who knew that baby monitors not only allow parents to keep track of their babies’ safety when they’re out of the room, but they could also catch cheating spouses

One man learned this after he was alerted on his phone at work of some unusual activities being picked up on his baby monitor at home. 

The baby monitor helped the man catch his wife cheating with his former work colleague. 

Marek Fecko, 47, was at work when he heard noises of his wife’s affair over the baby monitor that was linked to his phone. 

The distraught husband raced home to confront his wife and the man she was cheating on him with, who was a former work colleague. 

Fecko’s wife had reportedly turned the baby monitor around to face the wall in the master bedroom but failed to disable the sound to keep her husband from hearing what was happening. 



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The husband confronted his wife and the man she was having an affair with and threatened his former colleague. 

According to prosecutor Tim Evans, Fecko raced home from work and began searching for the man before retrieving a large knife. 

He reportedly yelled, “where is he?” before discovering the man locked in his car outside the house. Fecko proceeded to wave the knife at the man while shouting, “I’ll kill you!” 

“The unhappy result of that was that his wife commenced an affair,” Evans said. 

Appearing at Carlisle Crown Court, Fecko confessed to possessing a knife in a public setting with no reasonable excuse. 

He added that he had known about the affair for five months after seeing messages from his colleague on her phone, but was waiting for the opportunity to catch his wife in the act. 

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'In the marital bedroom, there was a baby monitor,” Evans told the court. “It was connected by way of sound and vision to Mr. Fecko's phone. Within a short time of him leaving the house, his wife and (victim) were in the marital bedroom.” 

Judith McCullough, who was mitigating the offense, claimed that Fecko had left his native country of Slovakia a little over a decade ago after the end of his first marriage. 

“He decided to seek new opportunities and hoped for a better life,” she said. “While this [Fecko’s actions] was not acceptable, it was a very human reaction to a significant degree of provocation.” 

McCullough added that Fecko would never be before the court again. 

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Fecko was sentenced to community service. 

Judge Nicholas Barker ordered Fecko to complete an 18-month community order with 120 hours of unpaid work, along with a restraining order to restrict contact with his former colleague, who no longer works with him. 

“...Of course you would be upset and angry at this act of infidelity; after all, you had been married for 11 years and had a family together. [The victim] had been a work colleague of yours,” Judge Barker addressed Fecko. 

So if you’re planning on cheating on your partner, you should ensure that there are no baby monitors around. Or maybe, just maybe, don't cheat at all. 

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