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Man Trying To Warn Neighbor That His Wife Is Cheating Via Their Ring Cam Learns Of An Unexpected Twist

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After attempting to drop multiple hints to his neighbor, one man decided to take the time out of his night to go to his neighbor’s house and reveal some bad news.

To maintain his anonymity, he faced himself away from the camera and even tried to divert attention away from the location of his home in case he got in the middle of his neighbor’s potential marital spat.

The man told his neighbor that his wife was cheating on him through a Ring camera after noticing worrying signs.

Derek Lipp (@dereklipp_) posted the original video of the first incident on December 14, 2022, and instantly gained an exponential amount of virality — receiving over 35 million views.

“Hey, I live in the neighborhood. My WiFi name is ‘1744 Your Wife is Cheating,’” the neighbor who is hiding behind his hoodie says into the Ring camera. “I don’t know how you did not catch on, your address is 1744.”

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The mysterious neighbor continues, explaining the things he sees every day when the other man, unclear if it’s Lipp himself, leaves for work.

“Every day, when you leave for work, a Nissan parks three houses down, walks up the side of your house, and goes in your back door,” he reveals.

“I assume you don’t have cameras back there. Okay, your wife is smart, but she is unfaithful,” he continues explaining. “I’m going to walk this way, but I don’t live this way.”

He then flees the scene.

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Viewers who watched the video commended the man for looking out for his fellow men.

“THE BRO CODE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE,” one person said, as another writes “Automatically the best friend for life no matter how long I've known you.”

Others joked about the last thing he said, pointing out that his house wasn’t in the same direction that he was walking, calling him ominous and mysterious.

Many even joked that after this video, he got in a Nissan and drove three blocks away, pretending to be the man he was referring to.

However, many people were incredulous about the situation and wanted updates on what happened after someone in the home played back the video footage from the security camera.

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Lipp posted an updated video, claiming that the mysterious neighbor had it all wrong.

In the second video, the man returned to the security camera and apologized for the night before.

“Hey I just wanted to apologize for last night,” the hooded man said. “I know I probably shouldn’t have broken the news like that, but I had a few drinks.”



The husband inside the home confirms if it’s the same guy by asking if he was the one who tried to warn him by changing his WiFi password, prompting the other man to reaffirm everything he said the night before, hoping that he could offer some clarity to his wife’s infidelities.

“Okay, so you got a few things wrong there,” the husband says. “The wife is actually the one who is driving and going to work and the guy is for me, and yes, he does come in my back door.”

Understanding the innuendo being implied by the husband, the stranger expressed his shock and apologized for his former misunderstanding.

Fortunately, the husband was thankful for the stranger’s revelation, claiming that he “didn’t have the courage” and calling what he did “life-changing,” maybe implying that the stranger did him a service by giving him a way to come out to his wife.

The stranger said he was glad he could help but apologized once again, heading off on his merry way in a different direction than the night before.

One of the comments under this update video, which was viewed over 14 million times, echoed the sentiments of everyone else who followed along with the story — “this plot twist was crazy.”

Several people in the comments pointed out that the video was likely staged, but others continued to suspend their disbelief, claiming that they wished all neighbors could be like the stranger with the hoodie.

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